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NSSDCA ID: 1992-044A

Telecommunications Description

The DSN will receive spacecraft tape recorder playback data 3 or 4 passes/ day: 131 kbps playback rate for 1 hour/pass, 65 kbps playback rate for 2 hours/pass. Contingency support to be provided includes (1) spacecraft tape recorder failure: receive 16 kbps real-time data, (2) spacecraft editor-b failure: receive 65 kbps real-time data.

Telemetry Path

Telemetry support via Deep Space Network (DSN)

Effective Telemetry

43.5 kbps

Telemetry Rates

65 - 131 kbps

Additional Information

Questions and comments about this spacecraft can be directed to: Dr. Timothy E. Eastman

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