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Lunar Prospector

NSSDCA ID: 1998-001A

Telecommunications Description

The downlink frequency to NASA's Deep Space Network is 2273.000 MHz and the uplink frequency is 2093.0541 MHz. Both frequencies are S-band. Data are downlinked at 1800 bps as they are collected and also stored on a solid-state recorder for downlink 53 minutes later at 1800 bps, so no data is lost during blackout periods. The real-time and delayed downlink data are interleaved for a total downlink data rate of 3600 bps. Engineering-only data is downlinked at 300 bps. There is no on-board computer control, all spacecraft commanding is done from a ground computer via the S-band uplink.

Telemetry Path

Effective Telemetry

3.6 kbps

Additional Information

Questions and comments about this spacecraft can be directed to: Dr. David R. Williams

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