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NSSDCA ID: 1977-102B

Project Data Management Plan (PDMP) Description

This spacecraft does not have a PDMP as such because it was launched prior to the time when PDMPs were required. Following the re-entry of ISEE-1 and 2 in 1987, a special effort was undertaken to archive at the NSSDC high-quality, high time resolution data about particles, fields and waves for specific time periods deemed to be of interest to the scientific community. For ISEE-2, these special archival periods are (1) the early years of the mission (8/12/78 - 2/17/80, PRIME), (2) the period when ISEE-3 was in the earth's magnetotail (10/15/82 - 12/25/83, GEOTAIL), and (3) the "PROMIS" campaign period (03/29/86 - 06/16/86).

PDMP Status

Signed PDMP available

Additional Information

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