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NSSDCA ID: 1999-035A

Telecommunications Description

Communications with FUSE is made through a single ground station antenna located at the University of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez. The satellite's circular orbit, which takes just over 100 minutes for a single orbit, brings it over the ground station for less than 10 minutes at a time (on average) for about six orbits in a row, followed by about eight orbits without contact.

S-band transponders of 5 W output capacity will allow transmission of the scientific data at a rate of 40 kbps. A complete image may be read out in about seven minutes. Spacecraft housekeeping data, and compressed data will be downlinked at 2 kbps.

Telemetry Path

Telemetry support via non-NASA facility

Effective Telemetry

0.0 kbps

Telemetry Rates

2.0-1000.0 kbps

Additional Information

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