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P14 - "Show Me the Data"

Nate James, NASA GSFC

Topic: What Real Users Want from a Data Archive
(User Requirements for Archival Access)

The National Space Science Data Center (NSSDC) serves as the permanent archive for NASA's Office of Space Science (OSS). A major component of its mission is to ensure future data accessibility and usability. NSSDC also provides current data access, complementary to the efforts of other NASA/OSS "active archives," in support of the NASA and international astrophysics and space physics research enterprises.

The presenter seeks to highlight the results gathered from interviewing science users of these archives concerning their access requirements. The intent of this poster presentation is to generate discussion around the following:

  1. The top 3 things that users say they need when retrieving archived data;
  2. The common barriers to users getting to the data they want;
  3. Tools/techniques that have proven to be most helpful in finding/accessing/retrieving archived data; and
  4. New technologies being developed with proven user-friendly tools/techniques in mind

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