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T15 - Integrating a ACE Science Data Center and SAMPEX Resident Archive into the Emerging Virtual Observatory System: Practical experience and perspectives

Andrew J. Davis, Caltech

Topic: Emerging archival standards and technologies AND/OR Meeting user needs: metadata, ontologies, natural language and archive exploration

The SAMPEX Resident Archive is currently under construction, and is co-hosted at Caltech with the ACE Science Center. With SAMPEX in low earth orbit, and ACE at L1, and a suite of instruments on each spacecraft, the combined data cover a very broad range in species, energy, location, and time. The data include solar wind, solar energetic particle, and galactic cosmic ray intensity and composition data, as well as solar wind and magnetic field parameters on a variety of time scales.

Recent efforts to provide enhanced access to these data via the emerging virtual observatory system will be described, including work with the Space Physics Archive Search and Extract (SPASE) Consortium to ensure that the ACE and SAMPEX data can be adequately described using the SPASE data model, development of a SOAP web services interface between the ACE Science Center and the virtual observatories, and ideas for combining the ACE and SAMPEX data in useful ways. Issues and questions that have arisen as a result of these efforts will be presented for discussion and, hopefully, mutual enlightenment.

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