Archival Workshop on Ingest, Identification, and Certification Standards (AWIICS)

(A part of the ISO Archiving Workshop Series)


Draft Report

Archival Workshop on Ingest, Identification, and Certification Standards
DATE: October 13-15, 1999

HOST: The National Archives and Records Administration
Archives II
8601 Adelphi Road
College Park, MD 20740-6001



Identification Group Notes

Lou Reich convened the Identification Working group of AWIICS at 1400 hours on Oct. 13. The members of the group were:

  • John Garrett / Raytheon ITSS
  • Louis Reich / Computer Sciences Corporation
  • Bonnie Klein / Defense Technical Information Center
  • Lisa Weber / National Archives and Records Administration
  • Barry Schlesinger / Raytheon ITSS
  • Janet Ormes / NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Janet P. Stauss / AIIM International
  • Jeff Arnfield / NOAA/NESDIS National Climatic Data Center
  • Elisabeth Brinker / NASA/GSFC
  • W.Longstreth, III / Lockheed Martin Mission Systems, Census Programs
  • David Solomon / GSFC
  • Robert Stephens / QSS
After a period of introductions, Lou Reich presented a brief on naming within the IETF (i.e. URL, URN, URC, and URI), and Steve Marley presented a briefing on the Universal Reference which was developed for the Earth Observing Satellite Data and Information System (EOSDIS). The presentations will be made available.

Terry Longstreth expressed a desire to do a presentation on X.500 naming which was scheduled for the next morning.

After the presentations, the group discussed the program of work for the remainder of the meeting. There were significant differences of opinion as to the type of identifier that was needed (i.e. content, class name, instance name of location, human understandable descriptive name or information free name). The group concluded for the day with the participants requested to think about identification requirements in their communities.

The next day began with the presentation of the identification mechanisms in X.500. The X.500 Directory (ISO /IEC 9594) standard is a set of related recommendations which, taken together, provide a well-integrated, externally and internally consistent conceptual framework for directory services and interoperability protocols. As a mature standard (first codified in 1988, with a major update in 1993). Mr. Longstreth would urge further investigation of X.500 as a basis for organizing Archive object names, and sharing knowledge of archive holdings among cooperating Centers.

After the presentations, the group decided that the views of identification in the varied communities were too diverse to do a formal set of requirements. Instead, the working group began the development of a list of fundamental questions that needed to be resolved prior to the development of specific requirements. The list of questions and some terminology were developed for the plenary report.

The Identification WG decided to propose a standardization effort that began with the development of access and identification scenarios in the varied archive communities, a workshop to verify the scenarios and the development of a set of requirements for identification and access. Based on the requirements various identification techniques could be defined that address the unique archive requirements such as:

  • identification finding aid interoperability among federations of archives,
  • long term preservation and migration to new technologies
The Identification Working Group adjourned at 2:30 to support the closing plenary.

Wider Views

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