Digital Archive Directions (DADs) Workshop

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Position Paper

Digital Archive Directions (DADs) Workshop

DATE: June 22-26, 1998

HOST: The National Archives and Records Administration
Archives II
8601 Adelphi Road
College Park, MD 20740-6001



1. Identification of Proposed Topic [Required]

1.1 Title

Vendor Integration of Standardized Metadata Architectures into Customized Applications.

1.2 Contributor(s)

The Content Group, represented by:
Larry Hiner, Sr. Consultant, &
Roger Doermann, Sales Manager

Larry Hiner
739 Bryant Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
fax: 415.512.1510
voice: 415.512.1000

1.3 Description of Proposed Project

The improvement over the last decade in computer performance, bandwidth, and other core technologies has resulted in the capability of delivering text, graphics, audio, and video to desktops in homes, schools, and businesses around the world. Coincidentally, the demand for rich media content has increased across all demographics of computer users. To meet this need, information suppliers -- from traditional media publishers to universities and government -- have created and re-purposed "content" for publication on CD-ROMs and via the World Wide Web.

Acquiring, storing, and distributing these rich media assets has generated a new paradigm for "content management." Going beyond the classical, file-system-based storage methodolgy, new, high-performance databases are being configured as repositories for "content." This structure allows for the co-existant storage of metadata along with the media object itself.

This, in turn, facilitates the search and retrieval of the content across local and wide area networks. However, without standards governing the architecture of the metadata, the search and retrieval process is limited within the institution that developed the customized database.

As a vendor serving the requirements of government agencies and businesses who are implementing content management solutions, the development of metadata standards is of increasing interest to us, particularly as these entities attempt to design databases that are sharable with others. We are frequently called upon as experts to advise our customers on the appropriate integration of standardized metadata structures for their content management solutions.

Therefore, the intent of The Content Group's participation in this workshop is twofold:

  1. to publicize the issues surrounding vendors' consultation and integration work efforts in providing useful and sharable content management solutions to our customers; and
  2. to gain an improved understanding of the community's efforts to establish metadata standards for use in content management solutions.

1.4 Justification

The problem we intend to address revolves around the vendor's requirement to serve as experts in the field of content management solutions, particularly as this relates to the implementation of standardized metadata structures.

1.5 Definitions of Concepts and Special Terms

(none required)

1.6 Expected Relationship with OAIS Reference Model

The establishement and integration of metadata standards impacts the vendor across all 6 areas of the reference model, in that we are generally responsible for the overall architecture and eventual functionality of the content management solution.



2. Scope of Proposed Standard [Desired]

2.1 Recommended Scope of Standard

We are not proposing standards or modifications to standards -- only exploring issues around such proposals.

2.2 Existing Practice in Area of Proposed Standard

The Content Group is currently working on several projects and proposals upon which this discussion will have immediate impact.

2.3 Expected Stability of Proposed Standard with Respect to Current and Potential Technological Advances

We expect that this discussion will evolve continuously across the foreseeable future.

Wider Views

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