Digital Archive Directions (DADs) Workshop

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Position Paper

Digital Archive Directions (DADs) Workshop

DATE: June 22-26, 1998

HOST: The National Archives and Records Administration
Archives II
8601 Adelphi Road
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1. Identification of Proposed Topic [Required]

1.1 Title

Storage Standard Benefits Producer and Consumer: A Case Study Implementing DMAPI

1.2 Contributor(s)

Principal Technical Author:
Lee Ward
4000 Pitt
Albuquerque, NM 87111

Prime Point of Contact:
Gary Block
1919 South Eads
Suite 400
Arlington, VA 22202

1.3 Description of Proposed Project

The Data Migration Interface Group (DMIG) spearheaded by extinct Epoch moved to implement a standard interface to UNIX that would allow hierarchical storage management software to be ported relatively quickly to different varients of UNIX. After nearly five years, DIMG has been adopted as a standard by X/Open. AERA began working with the DMIG specification because of an interest in maintaining "HSM neutrality". AERA has created a DMIG application, a DMAPI that has been sold commercially. Not only is DMIG benefitting end-users, it is benefitting vendors. This paper will present the DMIG options that were implemented in AERA's Active Space Manager, and relay the experiences that AERA has had porting the application to IRIX, HP-UX and Sun architectures.

1.4 Justification

Enterprise systems should not depend upon a single storage system. DMIG allows legacy data to remain open, obviating the necessity to "convert an HSM vendors database".

1.5 Definitions of Concepts and Special Terms

Achieve operating system vendor file system speed rather than using a storage software vendors "file system"; benefit from the OS vendors progress.

1.6 Expected Relationship with OAIS Reference Model

DMIG/DMAP clearly represents a best practices approach to archival management.



2. Scope of Proposed Standard [Desired]

2.1 Recommended Scope of Standard

2.2 Existing Practice in Area of Proposed Standard

The implentation is 30k lines of C code that is currently in beta on HP-UX; The implementation has been tested with a few storage management software systems and has been found to work as the standard intended, easing the task of porting.

2.3 Expected Stability of Proposed Standard with Respect to Current and Potential Technological Advances

The product is scheduled to be embedded in a commercial software release scheduled for December 1998.

Wider Views

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