Digital Archive Directions (DADs) Workshop

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Position Paper

Digital Archive Directions (DADs) Workshop

DATE: June 22-26, 1998

HOST: The National Archives and Records Administration
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1. Identification of Proposed Topic [Required]

1.1 Title

Federated Regional Library Archives: Integrating Access and Dissemination to Digital and Non-Digital Library Resources

1.2 Contributor(s)

Keith Belton, SOLINET (POC)
1438 West Peachtree St., NW, Suite 200, Atlanta, GA, US
FAX: 404-892-0943
TEL: 404-892-0943

1.3 Description of Proposed Project

There is currently little coherent effort to address this problem among libraries. SOLINET and other regional consortia are currently exploring options for and establishing planning processes for establishing regional federated archives of paper-based information, there are few efforts to integrate paper-based and digital archiving. Concurrently, there are many initiatives on developing federated systems of access to non-archival digital information, with little planning given as to how the information in these distributed systems may be integrated into the ingest process to digital archives. For example, there are multiple efforts from many user communities to enable common access to various types of data via the Z39.50 protocol – GILS, FGDC, CIMI, Digital Collections, Encoded Archival Description, etc. However, there has been little if any planning to enable the archiving of data from these various digital resources, and even less effort to integrating access across both digital and paper resources. This purpose of this proposal is to raise the issue of developing a uniform planning approach to federated library archives across media. This could include, at a minimum, developing models for regional collaboration on standards and system architecture, automated ingest of online digital repositories, economic models, and training in standards and system implementation.

1.4 Justification

Libraries need capabilities for storing, disseminating, and providing access to both emerging digital information resources in many forms and to traditional paper-based information resources. Although there are certainly those who need only digital or only paper-based resources, it is assumed that many researchers will desire to search and have access to information withoyut regard to type of media. Systems that provide unified searching, access, access control, and dissemination from “off-site” or distributed storage facilities of both digital and paper-based resources are needed. At present, libraries are beginning to address the problems of federated archives of paper-based resources. The integration of these emerging systems with federated archives of digital information will allow uniform and unified search, access, and dissemination of resources across media type.

1.5 Definitions of Concepts and Special Terms

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1.6 Expected Relationship with OAIS Reference Model

This proposal has implications for several OAIS functional areas: Ingest, Data Access, Data Management, and Dissemination:

Ingest: How might emerging federated systems of on-line information be designed so as to enable the automated ingest of their on-line data to regional archives?

Data Access, and Data Management: How might federated archives enable access to metadata for both paper-based archival resources and digital archival resources?

Dissemination: How might federated library archives manage the dissemination of both paper-based and digital archival resources?



2. Scope of Proposed Standard [Desired]

2.1 Recommended Scope of Standard

The current scope of this effort should probable be limited to investigating existing and emerging practices in metadata for both digital and paper-based archival resources; investigating the issues around integrating digital metadata for paper-based archival resources and digital metadata for digital archival resources; developing contacts and working groups of institutions planning and building federated archives of both paper-based resources, federated on-line access systems, and digital archives of any type.

2.2 Existing Practice in Area of Proposed Standard

There are multiple Z39.50 initiatives underway that might serve as digital sources of data and metadata to federated digital archives (see Figure 1). The results of these initiatives should be seen as sources for the ingest process. Current efforts to build regional repositories for paper-based archival resources should be brought in as collaborators for designing integrated access to paper-based and digital resources, and should especially collaborate on the development of metadata standards for the integrated search and retrieval of archival metadata.

2.3 Expected Stability of Proposed Standard with Respect to Current and Potential Technological Advances

Developing common standards for search, access, and dissemination of paper-based and digital archival resources would seem to be step enhancing the stability of products developed for both media types.

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