Digital Archive Directions (DADs) Workshop

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Submitted Papers

Digital Archive Directions (DADs) Workshop

DATE: June 22-26, 1998

HOST: The National Archives and Records Administration
Archives II
8601 Adelphi Road
College Park, MD 20740-6001



Title    Author/Affiliation
Needed: A standard for digital video master files    Grace Agnew / Georgia Tech Library
The British Atmospheric Data Centre - a Pragmatic Archive of Atmospheric Data    Dr Peter M Allan / Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Digital Archive issues from the Perspective of an Earth Science Data Producer [HTML]    Bruce R. Barkstrom/NASA Langley Research Center
Developing a Policy Framework for Creating and Preserving Digital Resources    Neil Beagrie/King's College London
Daniel Greenstein/King's College London
Data Archiving at EOSDIS    Jeanne Behnke / NASA GSFC
Ben Kobler / NASA GSFC
Federated Regional Library Archives: Integrating Access and Dissemination to Digital and Non-Digital Library Resources    Keith Belton/SOLINET
Considerations for External Interfaces to an OAIS    Robert H. Bourdeau / CIESIN
Digital Preservation Perspectives: Archival Science and the Open Archival Information Systems Model  *** Charles Dollar / University of British Columbia
HDF as an Archival Format    Mike Folk / National Center for Supercomputing Applications
Preserving USDA Digital Publications _    Evelyn Frangakis/National Agricultural Library
The Alexandria Digital Library Architecture  *** Jim Frew/Alexandria Digital Library
Vendor Integration of Standardized Metadata Architectures into Customized Applications    Larry Hiner / The Content Group
Roger Doermann / The Content Group
NSDI Standards and Emerging International Geospatial Standards - Avoiding a Clash  *** Richard Hogan/US Geological Survey
CEDARS: A multi-site UK project to create exemplars in Digital Archiving  *** / Consortium of University Research Libraries
David Holdsworth / Leeds University
Kelly Russell / Leeds University
Clare Jenkins / London School of Economics
The Planetary Data System Object Access Library    J. Steven Hughes / NASA JPL
Authentication, Access Management, and Digital Archiving Issues  *** Joan K. Lippincott/Center for Network Interchange
Data Ingest Methodology and Tools    Mike Martin / NASA JPL
J. Steven Hughes / NASA JPL
Uniform Resource Names: Impacts on Archives and Recent Developments  *** Michael Mealling/Network Solutions, Inc
Persistent Archives in a Digital Library Framework    Reagan Moore / San Diego Supercomputer Center
Arcot (Raja) Rajasekar / Enabling Technologies
Design Criteria for Electronic Records Management Applications  *** Burt Newlin/Department of Defense
Catalog Interoperability Procol (CIP)and the Interoperable Catalog (ICS): Standards for Access  *** George Percival / Raytheon
Louis Reich / CSC
Yonsook Enloe / NASA
Metadata for Interchange of Files on Sequential Storage Media Between FSMS  *** Fernando Podio/NIST
Requirements for an Archival Submission Standard    Donald Sawyer / NASA GSFC
John Garrett / Raytheon-STX
Storage Media Life Expectencies  *** John Van Bogart/National Media Lab
Digital Archiving - Past, Present, and Future Issues  *** Anne Van Camp/Research Libraries Group
Storage Standard Benefits Producer and Consumer: A Case Study Implementing DMAPI    Lee Ward/AERA
Gary Block/AERA
Current Issues in Digital Preservation: A Perspective from the Digital Library Federation  *** Don Waters/CLIR
IEEE SSSWG Standards Activities  *** Joel Williams/ Systems Engineering and Security
Needed: A Standard for Enabling Automated Searching for Information within A Digital Archive    Sue Winsett/Teledyne Brown Engineering
Tilton Duane Price/Teledyne Brown Engineering
John B. Rainey/Teledyne Brown Engineering

*** - Indicates invited presentation for Section 1 on June 23, 1998.

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