Overview of Tutorial


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Overview of Tutorial

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Genesis of the Effort (1)

Genesis of the Effort (2)

Status of the Effort

Open Archival Information System (OAIS)

Document Organization

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OAIS Concepts

Model View of an OAIS’s Environment

OAIS Information Definition

Information Package Definition

Information Package Variants

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OAIS Responsibilities

OAIS Responsibilities

Detailed Models

Overview of Detailed Models

Detailed Models

General Principles

OMT Notation Overview

Information Objects

Representation Information

Classes of Representation Information

Recursive Nature of Representation Information

Sample Representation Net

Types of Information Used in OAIS

Content Information

Preservation Description Information

Example of Preservation Description Information

Descriptive Information

Packaging Information

OAIS Archival Information Package

AIP Types

Package Descriptors and Access Aids

Model of All Data Objects Stored in Data Management

Information Model Summary

Detailed Models

General Principles

Common Services

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Functional Entities In An OAIS

Ingest Functions

Archival Storage Functions

Data Management Functions

Access Functions (1 of 2)

Access Functions (2 of 2)

Administration Functions (1 of 2)

Administration Functions (2 of 2)

Analysis of Archive Issues Using OAIS RM

Archive Cooperation

Categories of Archive Interactions

Cooperating Archives

Federated Archives

Levels of Autonomy in Associated Archives

Analysis of Archive Issues Using OAIS RM

Digital Migration

Digital Migration Approaches

Some Migration Strategies

AIP Versions and Editions

Summary and Request


Request for Participation

Author: Lou Reich and Don Sawyer

Email: John.Garrett@gsfc.nasa.gov

Home Page: http://ssdoo.gsfc.nasa.gov/nost/isoas/dads/

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