DADs Workshop - Position Paper Submission Form

1. Identification of Proposed or Existing Topic

1.1 Title

[The title should be descriptive of the project subject matter.]

1.2 Contributor(s)

[If the Contributor is a group or organization rather than an individual, names of the individual or individuals representing the group or organization should be listed. For each individual name, give the person's address, email address, fax number, and telephone number for communications. Identify a prime point of contact (POC).]

1.3 Description of Effort

[Provide a brief description of the effort.]

[We anticipate that these would be a maximum of two pages with figures. If a current specification is being offered for standardization, abstract that specification here and provide references to the specifications.]

1.4 Justification

[This section specifically identifies the need(s) and problem(s) that the proposed work is intended to address.]

1.5 Definitions of Concepts and Special Terms

[Define any concepts or terms which would help clarify your description.]

1.6 Expected Relationship with OAIS Reference Model

[The reference model identifies six functional areas within an OAIS: Ingest, Storage, Data Management, Administration, Access, and Dissemination. This section should identify the functional area(s) impacted by the effort, and the impact on those areas.]

[The following list of several topics for investigation and standardization, which have been identified by the CCSDS, is offered as ideas to give the flavor of current thinking. You should not feel restricted to these topics. On the other hand, if you wish to offer material in one or more of these topics, you are welcome to do so. Topics for consideration include:



Section 2 is optional for initial DADs Workshop Position Paper submission. However, since the Work Groups will need to complete this section for any projects to be pursued, it would be useful to have this section completed.



2. Scope of Proposed Effort (Desired)

2.1 Recommended Scope

[Recommended scope of the effort is described appropriately in order to bound the effort in both areas covered and areas not intended to be covered by the standard itself.]

2.2 Existing Practice

[You should describe any existing practices in the area of the proposed work to aid in judging timeliness and appropriateness of the project. A useful effort (1) may formalize accepted de facto practice in an area, supplemented by standardization of details which have not converged in practice, or (2) it may be developed in a new area where little or no investment has been made in a variety of equivalent practices. ]

2.3 Expected Stability of Proposed Product with Respect to Current and Potential Technological Advances

[How frequently would you expect the product to be modified to remain current with new or enhanced technology?]

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