French Efforts Towards ISO Archiving Standards - Overview

ISO has undertaken a new effort to develop standards in support of the long term preservation of digital information obtained from observations of the terrestrial and space environments. ISO has requested that the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems Panel 2 coordinate the development of those standards.

A series of international workshops, augmented with e-mail exchanges and occasional teleconferences, is traditional for Panel 2 and is expected to be the primary international mode of working. The timing of the international workshops is planned to coordinate with currently planned CCSDS Panel 2 meetings. French workshops and development efforts take place between the international meetings. These activities are focused on developing French positions and input for the international efforts.

Participation in French Efforts

We welcome all participants who we feel can make positive contributions to development of French positions and who are able to contribute to completion of French work items.

We also hope to distribute materials we develop widely and welcome any users who would care to review the developed materials or any who just wish to track the status of our efforts.

Upcoming Workshops

Past Workshops

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Reference Materials

Wider Views

Overview of the French Effort
Overview of International Effort


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