Scenario for the Archive Reference Model

Yasunori Iwana
National Space Development Agency of Japan (NASDA)
1 March 1996


This scenario describes the data interchange available since 1997 between Tracking And Control Center (TACC) and Earth Observation Center (EOC).

TACC's system is called Space Operation Data System (SODS), and EOC's is called Earth Observation data and Information System (EOIS).

TACC and EOC cooperates on mission planning/control and data processing/distribution.


On mission planning/control, the following subsystems cooperates;

TACC's NOCS sends the orbit prediction data to EOC's MMO as the referential information for mission planning and as the source of prediction data of EOC's receiving antenna.

EOC's MMO collects the end users request on the mission operation through DDS, and generates the mission operation requirement with some command parameters, and sends it to TACC's SP.

SP checks requirements and constraints (power, dynamics, etc.), and generates a spacecraft operation plan.

The plan includes a spacecraft operation schedule, a network operation requirement and a command plan.

SP sends the spacecraft operation schedule to EOC's MMO, the network operation requirement to NP or SNP, and the command plan to SOCS.


On data processing/distribution, these subsystems of SODS and EOIS cooperates.

NOCS sends the orbit determination data to MMO. MMO transfers it to DGS. DGS uses the orbit data for the geometric calibration of the earth observation data.

DGS includes Master Data Storage Subsystem, Media Conversion Subsystem and Paper Product Generation Subsystem.

TACC's STOCK stocks HK data. STOCK can abstract any telemetry word/group and any command history. HK data is used for the health check of satellite, and sent through TACC's DDMS to EOC's DDS.

EOC's DDS distributes the various earth observation data generated by DGS and HK data from TACC to the end users.

TACC's DDMS and EOC's DDS are also the security gateways (firewall).

TACC's DDMS and EOC's DDS adopts almost same handshake procedures.

Procedure of TACC's DDMS:

  1. data request from A to B (SMTP)*
  2. request receipt notification from B to A (SMTP)*
  3. data ready notification from B to A (SMTP)
  4. A gets data file from B (FTP get)
  5. data receipt notification from A to B
* : (i) and (ii) may be omitted.

Procedure of EOC's DDS:

  1. data ready notification from B to A (SMTP)
  2. A gets data file from B (FTP get)
  3. data receipt notification from A to B
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