XMM Science Operations Centre Archive

Nestor Peccia
7 March 1996


Please find below a scenario for the archive. It describes how the XMM Science Operations Centre Archive is envisaged.

The archive includes two different operational scenarios:

On-line Activities
reception of real telemetry (HK and Science), TC History, Mission Planning Files, Operation change request to the Mission Operations Centre

Off-line Activities
Production of Observation Files, Cal data, pipeline processing, reception of proposals for obs, etc.

Although from the physical point of view the SOC will have different disks for the on-line and off-line activities (+ a juke box), the logical view of the archive is a common one ==> one archive for everything.

Archive Functionalities

  1. Storage of data generated by SOC from testing stage of the ground segment, ground calibration of instruments through the completion of mission. After the end of mission there will be a run-down exercise. The on-line archive will disappear after the first six months. The off-line will be kept for three years. After this the data will be transferred to a general archive.
  2. Storage of auxiliary data
  3. Configuration control of the ground segment software, databases, instrument on-board software database, calibration files, etc.
  4. Control of access to the data within the XMM archive
  5. Provision of archive history log
  6. Distribution of data to users

Access Control

The access is on a user category and privilege basis.

Human Interactions

The various types of human roles are as follows:
  1. Archive Manager
  2. Software Developers
  3. Ground Segment Integration & Test Team
  4. Configuration Manager
  5. SOC Operators
  6. Observers
  7. Proposal Handlers
  8. Mission Planners
  9. Calibration Engineer
  10. Pipeline Products Validator

Data Types Stored in the Archive

Files Stored in the Archive


The services are totally different (depending of the user).
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