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Please identify individual participants and presentations by 16 October to Don Sawyer (

Dear Colleagues,

This message is intended to help you plan for the Panel 2 archiving workshop scheduled for 26-27 October, 1995 at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. As you are aware, this is a new effort in our Panel 2 workplan known as WP700. It is also an ISO work item, and this brings an ISO schedule that is quite aggressive.

Under WP700, the initial effort is an Archiving Reference Model (WP710). I expect that, once this is reasonably underway, we will activate a second work package to address 'existing standards at the Reference Model interfaces.' Such a mapping should be very useful to new archives. At some point, I would expect we will open additional packages to address interface standards that are missing or inadequate. Of course, some of these may be more appropriate for other standards groups to address. This could become a large and diverse effort.

As the work package manager for this effort, I hope that each of the agencies in CCSDS that have any involvement in the preservation of digital information, or the provision of this information to those who will archive it, will find a way to generate broad participation in this effort. I believe that only broad participation in the development of the related standards/Recommendations will result in their wide adoption. In particular, for the Reference Model, we should expect this model to be applicable far beyond space or space-related information. Therefore I encourage all the agencies to think about how they can organize to provide the needed expertise.

Here in the US, we have taken the view that we need to get broad participation. To this end, we are organizing our US contributions to this effort around a very open process. The contributions that NASA will bring to CCSDS/ISO will reflect the views of a diverse group of agencies, industry, and academic institutions. We are looking to organize the US effort under an existing body such as the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) which has a library focus and has been instrumental in bringing us such standards as ISO 9660 (CD-ROM) and Z39.50 (basis of WAIS protocol). NISO has not accepted this archiving role yet, but they are interested. However we are not waiting for NISO. To prepare for the archiving workshop in RAL, we have announced a "US Workshop on ISO Archiving Standards." I am attaching a copy of the announcement for your interest.

To prepare for this US workshop on 11-12 October, we have included a draft "Archiving Reference Model" outline and some content along with the announcement. Of course, we do not know what the technical content coming out of this workshop will be. We do know that, with only 7 days to request participation in this US workshop, we received 57 respondents from 27 organizations (NASA counts as one). We continue to receive requests for participation.

I do not expect the other agencies, this close to the RAL workshop, to attempt anything similar. However I do encourage consideration of how participation may be enhanced for your own contributions to this effort at RAL and in future workshops.

I recommend that we organize the RAL Archiving Workshop agenda in a manner similar to the planning for the US workshop. After appropriate host and other welcoming remarks, we should have an initial setting of the stage to familiarize everyone with CCSDS and ISO procedures and relationships to the extent needed. Next I would review the Work Package Description and give my views on how this might evolve. Following this I would like to see presentations and papers from the participants on what they can contribute to this effort, what issues they would like to see addressed, and what they think should be the scope of the Archiving Reference Model. This should include rationale and/or requirements. I do not expect all participants to address all of this, but more is better than less. To this end, I would like to know who is coming and what papers or presentations will be provided by 16 October. Following the presentations, we should attempt to categorize the issues raised in terms of their relevance to the effort, and to the proposed timeline suggested above. We should then focus on the Reference Model requirements and approach, incorporating information provided by the earlier presentations and papers.

We should be able to provide a detailed agenda following 16 October when we know the planned presentations and their requested time allocations.

I'm looking forward to an interesting archiving session at RAL.

Best regards,

Don Sawyer

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