ISO Archiving Standards - Second International Workshop - Minutes

NASA/JPL Pasadena Hilton
Pasadena, CA, USA

29-30 April 1996

(NOTE: We invite all participants to critique these minutes and to offer updates on any significant points they feel are missing or inadequately reflected.)
The Second International Workshop on ISO Archiving Standards was hosted by NASA/JPL at the Pasadena Hilton in Pasadena, CA, USA. on 29-30 April 1996.

Table of Contents


Status to Date
French Archiving Workshop
Towards a Metadata Model
Archive Information Services Reference Model
Catalogue Interoperability Protocol
Discussion Points on the AISRM
Purpose and Scope of the AISRM
Table of Contents of the AISRM
Discussion on the Definition of an "Archive"

Planning of 1996 Meetings

CEOS Liaison Report

WP700 Status Report

List of Registered Documents

Action Item List

Don Sawyer distributed a meeting agenda [Item 1], available at, which was accepted and followed during the meeting. The list of attendees is available at:

The following were present:

BNSC David Giaretta DG
BNSC Steve Fisher SF
BNSC Wyn Cudlip WC
CNES Patrick Mazal PM
CNES Claude Huc CH
ESA Nestor Peccia NP
ESA Christiane Nill CN
ESA Steve Smith SS
DLR Martin Pilgram MP
DLR Manfred Drexler MD
NASA Don Sawyer DS
NASA Lou Reich LR
NASA John Garrett JGG
NASA Mike Martin MM
NASA Randy Davis RD
NASA Alan Wood AW
Carleton University Ekow Otoo EO
Mitsubishi Junichi Oshima JO
NWAD Russ Cryder RC
NSPO Jun-ji Lee JL
SAC/CSIR Michele Le Saux MLS

Status to Date (DS)

DS presented the results of the archiving task to date. This included: The major activities to date were listed, including the various workshops at each agency and the dates of issue of the Reference Model paper and related scenarios.

French Archiving Workshop (PM)

PM presented a summary of this workshop (21/22 March 1996), but most of the papers were in French.

The aim of the workshop was:

52 people attended, including national organisations and industry. Also representatives from the library services, electricity services and defense industry were present.

23 presentations were organised in four sessions as follows:

The main results are as follows:

Towards a Metadata Model (CH)

New problems associated with the use of digital data: The information must be disassociated from the physical medium: The concept of collections, digital objects and groups were presented. Groups consist only of collection(s), collections consist only of digital object(s) and digital objects relate (or point) to storage object(s).

The search process:

A number of object diagrams were presented that modeled the concepts.

Archive Information Services Reference Model (DS/LR)

DS and LR presented the current version (0.4) of the AISRM.

Catalogue Interoperability Protocol (SS)

SS presented the current version (1.2) of the CIP.

Discussion Points on the AISRM

Each person around the room gave their individual comments on the document: Additional comments received from elsewhere were discussed:

Purpose and Scope of AISRM

After discussion the purpose and scope was defined to be:

"The purpose of this document is to define the ISO Reference Model for an Archival Information System (AIS) which provides a framework for understanding archival concepts. It defines archival concepts, common terminology, functions, services, external and internal interfaces. This allows the architectures and operations of existing and future archival systems to be described and compared.

The AIS model provides a conceptual and functional framework within which independent teams of experts may proceed with detailed services and architecture definition.

The concepts and operations described in this model are intended to apply to digital information. However non-digital information, e.g. physical samples, may also be archived within the framework defined by this model."

Table of Contents of AISRM

After much discussion, the following was agreed as the table of contents for the next version of the AISRM:

Discussion on the Definition of an "Archive"

There were three different figures presented to show what an archive was in the options of the authors, these were:


It was agreed that LR should be the official editor of the AISRM. The proposed time scale for document production is:
Document Date Responsibility
Version 0.5 of the AISRM 7 July 1996 LR
Comments on version 0.5 15 August 1996, As resources permit All
Version 0.6 of the AISRM 1 September 1996 LR
Comments on version 0.6 1 October 1996 All
Concept paper on Formal Notation Representation Issues 7 July 1996 RD
Concept paper on "Document" vs. "Observable Data" 20 August 1996 DS
Concept paper on "Information Representation Model" 20 August 1996 DS

Planning of 1996 Meetings

The next Panel 2 workshop will be hosted by DLR, Munich, Germany on the dates of 4-5 November 1996 (Monday and Tuesday).

CEOS Liaison Report (WC)

WC presented the activities within the CEOS body. This included the new reorganisation of the CEOS and the main achievements of the CEOS.

There was extensive discussion on whether the CIP could be brought under the CCSDS Panel 2 so that it may be formally standardised and eventually made an ISO standard. Everyone agreed that this was a good idea and should be investigated further. DS was concerned that the CIP may be perceived as only for EO data and that the concepts were in fact generic to many disciplines, only the attribute and elements sets making it specialised for the EO domain. DS suggested that an appropriate cover letter could solve this problem. The panel generally agreed that it would be a good idea to have the CIP a CCSDS standard and if the reviewers accept it then it should be done.

DG asked if the ADID could be used to register the attribute sets. SS said that the ADID could contain the ISO Object Identifier (OID) which is where the actual attribute set is registered.

It was agreed that CN as chairman of the CEOS Protocol Task Team will produce a cover letter than could accompany the CIP for if it was reviewed outside the panel. This cover letter would be circulated to the panel to see if it put the CIP in the correct context of Panel 2 and the general space data field. (CN/960515)

WP700 Status Report

The following status report was prepared for CCSDS Panel 2 prior to this workshop.


The active work package in Archiving is WP710.

WP710 Archiving Reference Model

A. Progress

NASA held two US archiving workshops since the first ISO/CCSDS archiving session at RAL. Results of the RAL workshop and US workshops have been put on the WEB. CNES held a French archiving workshop and will report on this in Pasadena. Three sets of comments on version 3 of the Archiving Reference model concept paper have been received.

The fourth version of the Archiving Reference model concept paper has been produced and is a major topic for discussion. Two metadata papers were generated by Claude Huc and they will also be a subject for comment in Pasadena.

B. Changes

No significant changes in the definition of the activity have been identified.

C. Problems

No particular problems are noted. Other agencies are urged to broaden their participation if possible.

D. Forecast

The effort appears to be progressing well. It is hoped to get agreement on a White Book outline and assign an editor (Lou Reich) in Pasadena.

E. Milestone Table

None Scheduled.

                          Milestone Table for WP700
                                          Management Plan         Projected
                                            Completion            Completion
WP #   Description                             Date      Status      Date

710.2  Draft Archiving Reference Model       96.03.31    Closed    96.04.24

List of Registered Documents


(Item/Author/Distributed By)

  1. Draft Agenda / Sawyer / Sawyer
  2. Reference Model for Archival Information Standards, Version 4 / Reich, Sawyer / Reich
    ABSTRACT: This is version 4 of this concept paper. Its coherence is significantly improved from version 3, but still needs much work. There are many new concepts that have not been reviewed. Sections 6-8 are old material or TBD and should not be reviewed in detail. There is much new material in section 1-5.

  3. Catalogue Interoperability Protocol (CIP) Specification - Release A, / Smith for CEOS Protocol Task Team / Smith
    ABSTRACT: The CIP is a Z39.50 based protocol that is designed for the search, access and retrieval of Earth observation data, although it is applicable to many archive retrieval scenarios. This concepts and specification in this document are considered very relevant to the archiving task, especially in the area of archive access and retrieval.
    Copy available from: a12.pdf,.ps,.ps.gz

  4. Preliminary classification of metadata - Proposal January 1996 / Huc / Huc
    ABSTRACT: Critical analysis of existing terminology and concepts followed by a way of modeling metadata

  5. Towards a metadata model - April 1996 / Huc / Huc
    ABSTRACT: (Claude HUC January 1996) , of the comments made by Don Sawyer on it and elements in Version 3 of the Reference Model.

  6. Report on French Archiving Workshop / Mazal / Mazal

Action Items


AI #       WP #  Description Act                                   Date Status
P/9510/45  700   Generate scenarios for several types of 
                 organisations that satisfy, and do not 
                 satisfy, the "archive " definition:

                 Nestor Peccia    Science Data Center	    NP   960630 Closed
                 Grant Denkinson  GENIE                     BNSC 960630 Open
                 Lou Reich        DAACS/ECS                 LR   960630 Open
                 Matthew Wild     Cluster                   BNSC 960630 Open
                 Chunky Lepine    NERC ACSOE Archive        BNSC 960630 Open
                 Don Sawyer       NSSDC                     DS   960630 Open
                 Matthew Wild     WDC's                     BNSC 960630 Open
                 Wyn Cudlip       IDN/Global Change Master  BNSC 960630 Open
                 John Turner      Life Science Data Archive BNSC 960630 Open
                 David Giaretta   Rutherford Atlas Data Store DG 960630 Open
                 Yasunori Iwana   NASDA archives TACC/EOC   YI   960630 Closed
                 Claude Huc       CNES archive (Metadata only)CH 960630 Closed



P/9604/28  700  Issue 0.5 of the AISRM                        LR 960707 Open
P/9604/29  700  Provide comments on version 0.5 of 
                the AISRM                                    All 960815 Open
P/9604/30  700  Issue version 0.6 of the AISRM                LR 960901 Open
P/9604/31  700  Provide comments on version 0.6 of 
                the AISRM                                    All 961001 Open
P/9604/32  700  Issue Concept paper on Formal Notation 
                Representation Issues                         RD 960707 Open
P/9604/33  700  Issue concept paper on "Document" vs. 
                "Observable Data"                             DS 960820 Open
P/9604/34  700  Issue concept paper on "Information 
                Representation Model"                         DS 960820 Open
P/9604/35  700  Produce cover letter to accompany CIP spec 
                with panel/external review                    CN 960515 Open


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