ISO Archiving Standards - Third International Workshop - Minutes

Oberpfaffenhoffen, Germany

3-8 November 1996

BNSC David Giaretta DG
Christiane Nill CN
Wyn Cudlip WC
CNES Patrick Mazal PM
Denis Minguillon DM
Claude Huc* CH
ESA Nestor Peccia NP
Gerhard Triebnig GT
DLR Martin Pilgram MP
Manfred Drexler MD
NASA Don Sawyer DS
Lou Reich LR
John Garrett JGG
Elise Blaese* EB
Stephen Voels SV
Alan Wood* AW
NASDA Yasunori Iwana YI
Naoyuki Toyoda NT
Ken Nakamichi KN

Table of Contents

Status to Date (DS)

DS presented the results of the archiving task to date. This included:

It was agreed that an special distribution list for Archives will be created, such that everybody can follow its progress.

The major activities to date, including the various workshops at each agency, the dates of issue of the Reference Model paper and the forecast schedule are shown in Appendix G ( WP 700 ) . An ISO Committee draft is foreseen by May 97 and an ISO Draft International Standard by May 1998.

Presentation on "Preserving Digital Information" (DS)

This document was produced by a Task Force on Archiving of Digital Information, which has the purpose to investigate means of ensuring continued access indefinitely into the future of records stored in digital electronic form. Members were from industry, museums, archives and libraries, publishers, scholarly societies, government.

The Executive Summary is as follows :

In the digital information the features that determine information integrity and deserve special attention for archival purposes include the following :

The Task Force gave a set of Recommendations ( See N12 ), which are at high level but identified a lot of concepts that the Archive Reference Model Group is addressing. Some of them are discussed below.

The main points on the operating environment are as follows :

The topics on migration strategy are as follows :

Additionally the Task Force is assessing how to model the costs, activity that is essential but very complex. Some limited studies have been done, but much work is needed on this area. The main conclusions were as follows :

Presentation on new draft Reference Model Version 7 (DS / LR)

DS presented the new outline of Version 7.0 OAIS Document ( Open Archival Information System ). This document is registered as N11. The name was modified ( now OAIS ) to distinguish from the many different functional entities that are called archives today.

The main purpose ( Section 1.1 ) is as follows :

The OAIS scope ( Section 1.1 ) is :

The OAIS applicability ( Section 1.2 ) is :

The section 1.5 on Definitions lags others due to timing of contributors. It is incomplete and some terms are not used. There are many known inconsistencies. Some definitions should include examples for clarification.

The OAIS functions ( Section 2.1 ) establishes the context, defines OAIS and references "problem statement" given by the paper ( Preserving Digital Information ).

The OAIS Responsibilities ( section 2.4 ) are as follows :

Sections 2.2 and 3.2 contain the Information Model based on OMT Object Model Diagrams. Section 2.2 presents a high level view, while section 3.2 contains a more detailed view. The Information Model is compatible with Z39.50 Digital Collections family of profiles.

Within AIPs the designated information object is the Content Information, which is the primary object to be preserved. It is the only place in the information model where physical and digital objects are distinguished. The content information contains data object and representation information. Examples of data objects include moon rocks, documents, and a file containing magnetometer readings.

Section 2.2.2 analyses how to categorise the information necessary to preserve the content information ( e.g. provenance, reference, context and fixity information, catalogue metadata, etc. )

Section 2.3 addresses the Environment Model with four external roles ( consumer as subscriber, consumer as searcher, producer, high level management ), two high level agreements ( producers - archives , consumers - archive ) and three types of sessions ( data delivery from producer, data dissemination to a subscriber and search session ).

There was a good progress on functional areas description, being Ingest and Archival Storage completed on version 7.

The section on archive domain and interface views need to be reworked. Only the initial OMT diagrams of the environmental domains have been included in Version 7.

Section 3.2.2 addresses the representation Information Model.

Some new sections are being worked :

The current issues are as follows :

The goals for this meeting are :

Discussion Points on the OAIS RM

It was decided to discuss the Ref Model V 0.7 in two rounds, addressing first the general comments and then the detailed ones. Each person around the room gave their individual comments on the document:

The main topics were discussed as follows :


Technical Issues

Planning of 1997 Meetings

The next Panel 2 workshop will be hosted by NASA at GSFC during May 1997. ESA is planning to organise the fall meeting at one of its sites. The next Panel 2 telecon shall be on December 1996 and ESOC will arrange the telecon.

Review of Action Items

At the end of the workshop, the action list was reviewed and agreed upon by all.

WP700 Status Report


The active work package in Archiving is WP710.

WP710 Archiving Reference Model

A. Progress

NASA held two US archiving workshops since the second ISO/CCSDS archiving session in Pasadena. Results of the Pasadena workshop and US workshops have been put on the WEB.

Version 5 of the reference model paper was produced following the guidance received in Pasadena. No international comments were received. Review at the July US workshop led to substantial changes and version 6 was produced in time for the October US workshop. This version began to more clearly incorporate data modelling views from the paper "e Preserving Digital Information "e and from the Z39.50 papers on access to digital collection and access to digital objects. These data modelling views are quite similar to those given in Claude Huc’s paper reviewed in Pasadena. Comments from CNES on the version 6 paper have been registered for the Oberpfaffenhofen workshop.

Version 7 of the reference model paper has also been registered for this workshop. This paper is believed to be a significant advancement over the previous papers and has significant material in all currently proposed sections.

B. Changes

NASA proposes that the reference model should be published as a Green Book, rather than as a standard. This would make it an "e information "e ISO document rather than a "e normative "e document. The rationale is that the nature of the material is not something for which conformance can be checked, and therefore it is not a proper standard. If we obtain agreement on this approach, we will need to identify the ISO Type as I, II, or III.

C. Problems

No unusual problems are noted, other than the issue of "e informative "e vs. "e normative "e .

D. Forecast

NASA proposes that version 7 be adopted as a White Book. It is necessary to get a good review of this document at this workshop and obtain commitments for writing assignments. Completion of this document should still be seen as May, 1998.

We should also begin to identify areas for standardisation and attempt to prioritise them, as scheduled. Our Methodology document should assist in this process.

E. Milestone Table

# Description Mgmt. Plan Completion DateStatusProjected Completion Date
710.2 Draft Archiving Reference Model 96.09.01 Closed 96.10.28
710.3 Draft ISO Committee Reference Model 97.05.31 Open
710.4 Draft ISO Standard Reference Model 98.05.31 Open

List of Registered Documents

Assigned number MUN/96/P2/N10
TITLE : CNES comments on Archival Reference Model version 6.0
Copy available from:
and/or from esaccsds server as

Assigned number MUN/96/P2/N11
TITLE : Reference Model for an Open Archival Information System
AUTHOR:Don Sawyer and Lou Reich/editors
The is a substantial improvement over version 6. It is still incomplete in some sections, but there is something in every section. We believe this document should be a Report, or an Informative ISO document, as opposed to a standard.
Copy available from: and/or from esaccsds server as

Assigned number MUN/96/P2/N12
TITLE : Preserving Digital Information
AUTHOR:RLG Task Force (D. Sawyer-provider)
This report is from the Research Libraries Group Task Force. It is a good summary of the problems associated with the long term preservation of information in digital form, and directly addresses the archiving concerns that prompted the ISO archiving effort. Everyone attending the ISO archiving session should have read this paper.
Copy available from:

and/or from esaccsds server as

Assigned number MUN/96/P2/N23
TITLE : Initial comments on OAIS Reference Model ver 7
AUTHOR:D Giaretta
These are a few initial comments on the OAIS reference model with particular emphasis on the Purpose and Scope.
Copy available from:
and/or from esaccsds server as

Action Item List



AI # WP # Description Actionee Date Status Comments
P/9611/27 700 Ask CCSDS Secretariat the procedure to follow with the future Archive Ref. Model GB to achieve simultaneously ISO report and CCSDS GB DG 961114 Open
P/9611/28 700 Ask CCSDS Secretariat if P3 Reference Model and terminology are an accepted ISO standard DG 961114 Open
P/9611/29 700 Put some alternatives for the collection archive view LR 961215 Open
P/9611/30 700 Update the outline of scenarios including the new information model terms DS 961215 Open
P/9611/31 700 Produce a concept paper to remove the digital / non-digital distinction at the highest level AW 961231 Open
P/9611/32 700 Produce a concept paper that assist the panel in agreeing on several archive standard DG
961231 Open
P/9611/33 700 Update descriptions of the functional areas of Ref Model MM 961231 Open
P/9611/34 700 Update purpose and scope of Ref Model DS 961231 Open
P/9611/35 700 Expand of scenarios on version 4 RD 961231 Open
P/9611/36 700 Expand classification, another round on migration SV 961231 Open
P/9611/37 700 Regenerate section 3.3 ( domain views ) LR 961231 Open
P/9611/38 700 Update life science scenario AW
961231 Open
P/9611/39 700 Clean-up of definition section ES 961231 Open
P/9611/40 700 Include Road Map section LR 961231 Open
P/9611/41 700 Issue Archive Reference Model WB Version 1 LR 970103 Open

Wider Views

Overview of the Third International Workshop
Overview of International Effort


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