ISO Archiving Standards - Fifth International Workshop - Action Items

27-29 October 1997


Frascati, Italy

AI # WP # Description Actionee Date Status Comments
P/9710/40 700 Send updated versions of OAIS RM to OGIS contacts Don Sawyer 980215 Open
P/9710/41 700 Add diagrams to OAIS RM showing functions in section 4 - as per Nestor Peccia comments Lou Reich 980115 Open
P/9710/42 700 Re-draft section 5 of OAIS White Book to reflect changes in Representation, Packaging and Preservation info. Don Sawyer 971215 Open
P/9710/43 700 Lead e-mail discussions to draw up work plan and plan for Workshop(s) for Archival Standards. Initially aim for something in April - needs plans completed in December. Don Sawyer 971215 Open
P/9710/44 700 Raise the OAIS related work at Management Council. Suggest that agencies not already involved may wish to identify appropriate resources to participate in the OAIS discussions. David Giaretta 971113 Open
P/9710/45 700 Panel to raise the importance of OAIS and suggest that they identify appropriate projects/individuals from other agencies to participate in OAIS discussions All 980430 Open

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Overview of the Fifth International Workshop
Overview of International Effort


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