ISO Archiving Standards - Fifth International Workshop - Minutes

Frascati, Italy

27-29 October 1997

BNSC David Giaretta DG
Wyn Cudlip* WC
Peter Greenbank PG
CNES Patrick Mazal PM
Denis Minguillon DM
Claude Huc CH
ESA Nestor Peccia NP
Gian Maria Pinna GMP
Mario Merri MM
Brad Lowe BL
NASA Don Sawyer DS
Lou Reich LR
John Garrett JGG
Alan Wood* AW
CEOS/PTT Richard Goebel* LA

Table of Contents

WP700 - Archiving

Status Report

See WP700 Status Report for the status report.

White Book 2.1 should be out in Jan/Feb 1998. Need to get wide review in order to be in a position to submit it as an ISO Draft International Standard (DIS) after the May International Workshop.

Two additional Work Packages were defined at the Silver Spring International Workshop:

We must decide on whether these are the correct items.

Review Status of action items (DS)

The status of the archive activity action items is as shown in the Action Item List.


Don Sawyer has presented Reference Model at Society of American Archivists annual meeting.

There will be another presentation early next year - the Research Library Group (RLG) will also attend. It is important to try to co-ordinate with RLG on this work. They have expresed an interest in the Reference Model. It is worth noting that Archivists have a greater volume of information and financial weight than the space agencies and they are taking a lead in solving digital archiving problems.

Commercial groupings (Open Geographic Information Systems) OGIS have related their concepts to OAIS terms in a draft RFP - this is encouraging. Don Sawyer/Lou Reich will send updated versions.

P/9710/40 700 Send updated versions of OAIS RM to OGIS contacts Don Sawyer 980215 Open

Lou Reich: The Reference Model is mature enough now to present to any other bodies.

Gian Maria Pinna: outside bodies will expect Annex D to be completed - comparison with other Reference Models.

David Giaretta reported that people concerned with archiving of cultural information had expressed interest during the UK workshop. It was suggested that it may be useful to give the OAIS presentation at some conferences on cultural heritage, early next year.

Lars Alm had heard about OAIS Reference Model work from CH at a workshop presentation. During the second meeting held in Stresa (Italy) some ideas on the scope of the ATT were discussed. The OAIS Reference Model version 1.0 was distributed for comments and the idea to adopt it was discussed. The CEOS recommendation for an EO archive model could be an implementation of the OAIS.

This implementation will be based on the concept of Base-Band information - not yet defined - on which the archive will be based. It will be above the raw data format, with all transformations reversible, like Level-1A. Their first thoughts were to try to define a level of processing into which other archives would convert their holdings for interchange.

Furthermore, CEOS ATT is interested in defining an interchangeable standard format between archives - starting with Requirements/Guidelines. For example

Between CEOS archives Base-Band information will be interchanged

Gian Maria Pinna: we should involve industry in this so that commercial ground stations could support this base-band information and interchange format directly.

Nestor Peccia: satellites using CCSDS P1 services - packet telemetry - will go on to use Panel 3 SLE services for interchange from ground stations to processing centre. ESA Earth Observation satellites do not yet use CCSDS Packet Telemetry.

Several strategies were suggested

OAIS Promotion Report

ESA will distribute the Reference Model to others in ESA after February because the second half of the book is not mature enough.

David Giaretta reported on the UK workshop and Symposium.

Review of Reference Model White Book, Issue 2

Don Sawyer presented the outline of the WB 2.0 (see FRA/97/P2/N4), summarising the changes that had been made. There had been considerable reorganisation, following the suggestions made at the Silver Spring IWS, and new material, including new examples, had been added.

Lou Reich presented Section 4.2 & 4.3 in some detail, pointing out significant issues along the way.

Note that in the OMT diagrams the relationship line label text above the line should be read left to right, text below the line should be read right to left.

Detailed comments

P/9710/41 700 Add diagrams to OAIS RM showing functions in section 4 - as per Nestor Peccia comments Lou Reich 980115 Open

(restart 30/1/97)

P/9710/42 700 Re-draft section 5 of OAIS White Book to reflect changes in Representation, Packaging and Preservation info. Don Sawyer 971215 Open

Depending upon the outcome of the above action, the following points may be necessary.

Additional Archiving Standards

WP720 - "Archiving Submission Standards" is in the Management Plan.

There may be some relationship with the Base-Band interchange work mentioned by LA. Lou Reich noted that there is a difference between Archive-to-Archive interchange and Archive-to-User interchange. Also the P2 view is to describe what people give you, rather than specifying the one and only format to use. However P2 should be able to contribute to the type of metadata which should be included in any interchange.

Don Sawyer noted that NASA would probably want P2 to draft REQUIREMENTS and SCOPE for this work that would then be put out as an RFP, to try to bring in external effort.

WP730 - "Archiving Recommended Practices" - perhaps the name of the Blue Book planned should be changed - not "Recommended Practices". This is planned to be modeled on ISO9000.

Lou Reich expressed concern that we must attempt to be inclusive, and not omit certain areas simply because the proponents of e.g. STORAGE, have already dropped out of the OAIS development process. He suggests a large workshop to try to draw in others, and especially vendors. Developing standard interfaces to e.g. STORAGE would allow one to switch HSM systems for example, with minimal disruption. DG pointed out that he had presented considerations like this in Munich in 1996.

Wyn Cudlip suggested that CEOS be involved making it a joint workshop. Working title "Areas for Potential Standardisation for Open Archival Information Systems"

Lou Reich proposes that a planning committee draw up proposals for an this - either an International Meeting or parallel US and European meetings (1 or 2 days). Maybe attach to a meeting with another body - e.g. CEOS. There is a joint NASA/IEEE Mass Storage workshop in Spring 1998 that should be considered.

Gian Maria Pinna: should focus on Standards Developers rather than implementors e.g. IEEE Storage, Metadata, etc.

P/9710/43 700 Lead e-mail discussions to draw up work plan and plan for Workshop(s) for Archival Standards. Initially aim for something in April - needs plans completed in December. Don Sawyer 971215 Open

Archive Workshop Schedules

Editors Note: After the meeting the following schedule for the OAIS RM was suggested by JGG:
White Book (Issue 2.1) 13 January 1998
Comments by US and other interested reviewers 22 January 1998
White Book (Issue 3) 1 April 1998
Agency Comments 15 April 1998
Review Book and Comments at US WS April 1998
Review Book and Comments at IWS 6-15 May 1998
Draft Red Book (Issue 1) 1 June 1998
Agency Comments 15 June 1998
Red Book (Issue 1) 29 June 1998

P/9710/44 700 Raise the OAIS related work at Management Council. Suggest that agencies not already involved may wish to identify appropriate resources to participate in the OAIS discussions. David Giaretta 971113 Open
P/9710/45 700 Panel to raise the importance of OAIS and suggest that they identify appropriate projects/individuals from other agencies to participate in OAIS discussions All 980430 Open

WP700 Status Report


The active work packages in Archiving are WP710, WP720, and WP730.

WP710 Archiving Reference Model

A. Progress

NASA held two US archiving workshops since the fourth ISO/CCSDS archiving session in Silver Spring. Results of this workshop and US workshops have been put on the WEB.

White Book version 2 of the reference model, which has incorporated most of the Silver Spring agreed updates, was produced following the September US workshop. This version has been registered for the Silver Spring workshop. Also registered was a related paper giving the status of the Silver Spring requested updates.

B. Changes

No changes in direction are identified.

C. Problems

No unusual problems are noted.

D. Forecast

We should be able to get a further significant improvement for WB-2.1 that could be out in January or February 1998. We all need to seek wide, informal, review so that we can look to a solid version in May 1998. The May 1998 version should become an ISO Draft International Standard (DIS) and simultaneously, a CCSDS Red Book. It is possible that we may have to produce this version following the May workshop, which may mean a slip of a month or two. This remains to be seen.

We should also define one or more work packages for additional archive standardization.

E. Milestone Table

WP # Description Mgmt. Plan Completion Date Status Projected Completion Date
710.2 Draft Archiving Reference Model 96.09.01 Closed 96.10.28
710.3 Draft ISO Committee Reference Model 97.05.31 Closed 97.05.31
710.4 Draft ISO Standard Reference Model 98.05.31 Open

WP720 Archiving Submission Standards

A. Progress

Will assess this during the workshop.

B. Changes

None to date.

C. Problems

None to date

D. Forecast

We need to decide if this is sufficient priority that resources can be found to begin the effort.

E. Milestone Table

WP # Description Mgmt. Plan Completion Date Status Projected Completion Date

WP730 Archival Recommended Practices

A. Progress

Will assess this during the workshop.

B. Changes

None to date.

C. Problems

None to date

D. Forecast

We need to decide if this is sufficient priority that resources can be found to begin the effort.

E. Milestone Table

WP # Description Mgmt. Plan Completion Date Status Projected Completion Date

OAIS Promotion Report

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