ISO Archiving Standards - Sixth International Workshop - Minutes

Houston, Texas, USA

13-15 May 1998

Subject: Minutes of CCSDS Panel 2 Plenary Workshop
(Archiving Portion)
Meeting Date: 5 May - 15 May 1998
12 May-15 May 1998 (Archiving)
Place: Houston, USA
BNSC David Giaretta
Simon Marshall
CNES Patrick Mazal
Claude Huc
Denis Minguillon
ESA Nestor Peccia
Gian Maria Pinna
NASA Don Sawyer
John Garrett
Terry Longstreth
Mike Martin
Lou Reich
Robert Stephens
Alan Wood
NARA Bruce Ambacher BA
NASDA Yoshio Inoue YI
CAST Xu XuDong
Katy Zhang

Table of Contents


Welcome and Introductions

Attendees were welcomed. Participants introduced themselves.

Logistics and Agenda Review

The draft agenda was presented and accepted.

Archive Management Report

See Appendix G1

Date and Location of Next Panel 2 meeting

Date: 25th-30th October (management mtg on 25th evening)

Location:Majority prefers Toulouse, France but NP wants meeting at ESOC, Darmstadt, Germany.

[Editor's Note: Archiving portion will likely be 2 or 3 days during the week. Location is currently set for Toulouse, France.]

Review of OAIS White Book version 3.0

High Level Issues

Role of Recommended practice text

This is in response to comments from D Giaretta. DG made it clear that he was not advocating removal of the additional text - merely to make it clear what the DEFINITIONS and what the specifications were - and make the additional text clearly separate. DS noted that ISO preferred material as Standards - otherwise it might be sensible to place some of this material to a "Green Book". However LR pointed out that publishing Annex A as a separate document would shorten the document considerably. Function allocation in functional view

See mail from DS dated 7 April 1998 (Appendix G.2) on the reason for changing the Functional Model - combining Access with Dissemination.

1) should we merge the functions of Access and Dissemination?

DG found the argument about needing a "single point of contact" a spurious point - we are talking about functions NOT implementation. However the argument about not being able to cleanly separate the functions and interactions WAS persuasive.

It was AGREED that we should combine the functions.

2) Name of combined function:

LR found the name "Access and Dissemination" clumsy.

After considerable discussion the name "ACCESS" was agreed as the name of the merged functions.

However it was recognised that there may be some initial confusion from reviewers. However it was felt that ACCESS was sufficiently generic that it would cover both data and metadata access (i.e. Dissemination as well as Search). This issue MAY be reopened at a later stage. (Suggest putting "XXACCESS" throughout RM to facilitate later changes of name.) Others?


7.4.2 Section by Section Issues

Note that the document will go through a professional Technical Editor before publishing. Edit Log


Section 1.1

Section 1.2

P/9805/35 700 Produce Conformance Section JGG 980901 Open  

Section 1.4:

Section 1.6 to addressed later

Section 1.7 - note references are Informative not Normative

Section 2

Para 4 second sentence - change "preservation function" to "preservation and access function".

Remove last paragraph ("At the same time ...")

Section 2.1

Section 2.2

Section 2.2.1

Section 2.2.2

Section 2.2.3

Section 2.3

Section 2.3.1

Section 2.3.2

Section 2.3.3

Section 2.3.4

Section 3

Section 3.2

Section 3.3

Section 3.4

Section 3.5

Section 3.6

Section 4

Remove AIC and AIU from this chapter

Make Figures consistent throughout - label lines etc

Note that we add labels above and below lines (strictly OMT has labels only above lines)

Note Object Identifier for AIP do NOT change over time, however AIC's may be added to over time.

Section 4.1

P/9805/36 700 Produce next level data flow diagrams NP 980512 Closed  

Section 4.1.1

Section 4.1.2 (Ingest)

Section 4.1.3 (Archival Storage)

Section 4.1.4 (Data Management)

Section 4.1.5 (Administration)

Section 4.1.6 Access and Dissemination

Section 4.2

Section 4.2.1



Section (wrong)

Section (wrong)


Change "security" to "integrity preserving" in definition of FIXITY.

Section Packaging Info (wrong number)

Section Descriptive Information

Section 4.2.2 Logical Model of Information...


Section AIP

Section Specialisation of AIP ...

Section Unit Descriptor

Section Collection Descriptors