ISO Archiving Standards - New Work Item

ISO Proposal for a New Work Item


Archive Model and Services for Space and Releated Data


This proposed standard will define an archive reference model and service categories for the intermediate and indefinite long term storage of digital data obtained from, or used in conjunction with, space missions. Service categories will include levels of user expertise needed to understand archive content, number of users who can be simultaneously served, and type of data and metadata services.


To provide a framework and common terminology that may be used by Government and Commercial sectors in the request and provision of archive services. This will also encourage commercial support for the provision of archive services which would truly preserve our valuable data, noto olnly for space related data but also for all long term data archives.

This is the first step needed before adopting or developing specific standards needed to support archive services.

These standards will allow new countries entering the space field to have pre-defined formats for the archiving of data and so avoid the learning process and the consequent period of having data that is not easily useable on an international basis.

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