ISO Archiving Standards - Second US Workshop

19-20 December, 1995


Washington, DC area

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The goal of this workshop was the development of materials to support development of draft ISO standards effort supporting the long term preservation of analog and digital information. The focus was the preservation of information obtained from observations of the terrestrial and space environments. However, preservation of information obtained from other environments is not precluded from these efforts.

The focus of this meeting was the development of proposals on the requirements, organization and content of an Archiving Reference Model.

Participation in the workshop was open to those who planned to attend US meetings and who intended to generate material for the Archiving Reference Model.

Workshop Host:
Joel Williams ( +1.301.901.9204

Workshop Chair:
Don Sawyer ( +1.301.286.2748
NASA Code 633.2

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Overview of US Effort
Overview of International Effort


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