NSSDC Has WWW-Accessible CGM Transformations and Spacecraft Positions

Volume 11, Number 4, December 1995
By Natalia Papitashvili

NSSDC has created two new World Wide Web (WWW) pages, one for Corrected GeoMagnetic (CGM) transformations and the other for spacecraft positions. Additional capabilities in the coming weeks and months will be announced at URL http://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/space. Accessible at URL http://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/space/cgm/cgm.html, the first WWW page offers the ability to do coordinate transformations between CGM and Geographic coordinate systems. CGM coordinates are frequently used in studies of ionosphere-magnetospheric coupling processes. The WWW page enables users to specify time and altitude of interest, and a latitude and longitude in one coordinate system; they are then provided the latitude and longitude in the other system. Alternatively, they can click on a point on a world map and be provided latitude and longitude in both coordinate systems. In both cases the users are also provided additional parameters such as Earth-surface footpoints of the magnetic field line passing through the user-selected point. Additionally, a user can get a Polar CGM map image for any selected epoch (1945-1995) and start latitude.

A second new WWW page, accessible at URL http://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/space/helios/heli.html, provides solar-centered position information for such deep space missions as the Pioneers, Voyagers, and Ulysses. The same WWW page also offers similar Sun-centered position information for Earth, Venus, and five additional planets as well as two comets. Note that these capabilities support joint heliospheric studies involving multiple deep-space missions as well as planetocentric missions (e.g., Pioneer Venus at Venus, the Interplanetary Monitoring Platform [IMP] 8 at Earth).

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Author:Miranda Beall
Curators: Erin Gardner and Miranda Beall
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