Syed Towheed Leaves NSSDC

Volume 11, Number 4, December 1995
By Ed Bell

Many of you may recognize the name Syed Towheed. Syed came to NSSDC straight out of college in 1992 and has been an aggressive presence ever since, first tackling the NSSDC CD-ROM Catalog and rapidly becoming the resident expert on CD-ROM, helping to build and support the CD-ROM browse facility and conferences at which the ROMs were demonstrated.

Syed Towheed works on NSSDC's WWW site.

A little over two years ago, Syed began (with others) to bring NSSDC's data and services onto the World Wide Web. He began, naturally, with the CD-ROM catalog and progressed to the NSSDC Home Page and the initial version of the NSSDC Planetary Science Home Page. In the process he developed an overall look for NSSDC's WWW site that is still the basis for most of its pages. Many major efforts that NSSDC has made over the last two years on the WWW have had Syed's hand in them at some level, including support for the Shoemaker-Levy 9 impact and the design and implementation of OMNIWeb and COHOWeb. He has taught Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) and Common Gateway Interface (CGI) to others at the NSSDC and made presentations on his work at international conferences about the WWW. In short, his influence over the everyday business at NSSDC has been profound during his short stay.

Unfortunately for NSSDC, Syed has recently elected leave the data center to begin his own business venture. His influence will remain with us for some time to come, and we wish him the best in his endeavors.

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Author:Miranda Beall
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