New Space Physics Data Network-Accessible from NSSDC

Volume 12, Number 4, December 1996
By H. Kent Hills

Many new space physics data have become available at NSSDC over the past year. Relatively small-volume and high-interest data are held on magnetic disk for easy access via FTP and the World Wide Web (WWW). These include near-Earth and deep-space solar wind field, plasma, and energetic particle (OMNI only) data available from OMNIWeb and COHOWeb; these offer WWW-based parameter selection, graphical display, and retrieval capabilities. A companion article in this newsletter on NSSDC's latest heliospheric CD-ROM identifies latest available data on these systems, by spacecraft. In addition, the OMNIWeb and COHOWeb data files plus many additional solar wind field, plasma, and energetic particle data sets are available via ANON/FTP from the Coordinated Heliospheric Observations (COHO) directory (anon_dir:[COHO]).

The primary store of the greater fraction of NSSDC's network-accessible data is the NASA Data Archive and Distribution Service (NDADS) system, whose technical details are described in another article in this issue. The primary interface to NDADS's space physics data is the WWW-accessible Space Physics Catalog (SPyCAT) at The main space physics data added to NDADS during 1996 included the following.

International Solar-Terrestrial Physics (ISTP) Public Key Parameters

These include selected data at approximately minute resolution from the ISTP spacecraft GEOTAIL, INTERBALL, POLAR, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), and WIND. These Key Parameters also have contributions from other spacecraft (the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite [GOES] 6-9, the Interplanetary Monitoring Platform [IMP] 8, several Los Alamos National Laboratory [LANL] geosynchronous satellites) and many ground stations, including the CANOPUS and Dual Auroral Radar Network (DARN) stations, and Sondestromfjord. Graphical browse capability in a separate but nominally identical collection of these Key Parameters is also provided through the CDAWeb interface at

International Satellite for Ionosphere Studies (ISIS) Ionograms

Ionogram data from the ISIS topside sounder data restoration project (R. Benson, principal investigator [PI]) have begun to flow to NSSDC and onto NDADS. The data will come from selected time periods during the interval of time covered by ISIS 1 and 2 and some of Alouette (1969 - 1984). Data products include the PI-provided ionograms in full and lower resolution in binary format, the lower resolution ionograms in Common Data Format (CDF), the binary pulse code modulation (PCM) data, and header files in ASCII format. Browse graphics will also be provided through the CDAWeb interface.

Dynamics Explorer (DE) 1

DE 1 EICS 96-sec average fluxes, in CDF (09/81 - 02/91)
DE 1 MAG-A 62-msec binary data (09/81 - 02/91)
DE 1 MAG-A 6-sec averages, ASCII (09/81 - 02/91)
(EICS: Energetic Ion Composition and Spectra, Peterson, Lockheed)
(MAG: Magnetometer, Slavin, Goddard Space Flight Center)

Solar Anomolous and Magetospheric Particle Explorer (SAMPEX)

Data begin in July 1992, and the latest data presently are for September 1994 with additional data ingest continuing. Each data set contains data from all instruments. Both 30-sec fluxes and rates are available in ASCII, and the fluxes are also available in CDFs. Other data sets provide polar-cap-averaged fluxes and rates in ASCII, and polar-cap-averaged fluxes are also available in CDF.

Voyager 1 and 2

The "summary" data sets contain data at resolutions of 1.92, 9.6, and 48 seconds. The 48-second data sets consist of selections from the summary data. The Voyager 1 data begin in September 1977, and data through 1978 have been ingested, with data flow continuing.

Voyager 2 Magnetometer summary binary data (08/77 - 08/89)
Voyager 2 Magnetometer 48-sec ASCII data (08/77 - 08/89)
Voyager 1 Magnetometer summary binary data (in progress)
Voyager 1 Magnetometer 48-sec ASCII data (in progress)


Magnetometer 15-sec data, in binary and ASCII formats, were updated to cover 10/30/73 to 12/31/95. Magnetometer 60-sec ASCII data were updated to cover 07/18/91 to 12/31/95. Los Alamos 2-min plasma data, in ASCII, were updated to cover 10/73 to 12/94, with extension to 12/95 in process.

Ulysses: Please see the Ulysses article in this issue.


Data continued to arrive at NSSDC from all four solar X-ray instruments on YOHKOH. Although not yet available via the SPyCAT interface, the data are available in NDADS for dates through November 25, 1995, and data through the end of 1995 are in process.

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