New ADC WWW Search Capabilities and New CD-ROM

Volume 12, Number 4, December 1996
By Cynthia Cheung

In August 1995 the Astronomical Data Center (ADC) established an Internet site hosting enhanced World Wide Web (WWW) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) access to the entire ADC holdings of over 1,600 astronomical catalogs and journal tables. The WWW home page is located at URL

Recently, ADC has added two new hypertexted indices of authors and holdings to help users find needed catalogs and tables in the ADC's archives at the following URLs:

A keyword list is also being compiled and will be made available in early 1997. In addition, users can use the existing WAIS search capability to query a data base of descriptions of the catalogs and journal tables.

Certain frequently requested astronomical catalogs are too large to be held on magnetic disk by most of their users. To mitigate these problems, the ADC has placed many of its large and popular catalogs on CD-ROMs. Volume 1 of the Selected Astronomical Catalogs series was released in 1991 and contains 114 astronomical catalogs. Volume 2 presents an additional 60 astronomical catalogs and was released in 1995.

Volume 3 will be published in January 1997 and will be available at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Toronto, Canada. It contains 20 large popular catalogs not previously published on either of the first two volumes. It also contains new releases of over 50 catalogs that have been updated or corrected since their publication on CD-ROM Volumes 1 and 2. As with Volumes 1 and 2 separate ASCII and FITS Table discs have been produced. The catalogs are documented according to the standard adopted by the ADC and the Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg in France. Information on the contents of the new CD-ROM is available on the WWW at

Selected Astronomical Catalogs, Volume 3 CD-ROM

CD-ROM orders can be sent to the NSSDC's Coordinated Request and User Support Office at or Other queries concerning the new CD-ROM may be sent to

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