Remembering Lance Sprayregen

Volume 12, Number 4, December 1996
By Patricia Ross

The NSSDC lost an important member of its family when Lance Sprayregen passed away suddenly on September 13, 1996. Lance had been a principal programmer/analyst with a series of contractors at the data center since 1974 and had an encyclopedic knowledge of the many computer systems that evolved over the years at the center.

Lance Sprayregen

Lance provided valuable data base maintenance and development expertise on the Satellite Situation Center and Information Systems Development tasks. He was recognized for his technical skills by being awarded several group achievement awards, and in 1992 he received a peer award from the HSTX Technology Applications Group. His citation read, "Lance's depth and breadth of knowledge should not be underestimated. His knowledge enables him to pinpoint problems and enhancements in a timely and efficient manner." Lance held a bachelor's degree from the University of Texas.

Lance's friends best remember him for his devotion to his family and his unselfish attitude. He was hardworking and tenacious but also very kind, warm, and considerate to everyone.

Lance is survived by his wife, Mary; daughter Hillary; step-daughters Sonja and Kendra; and grandson Vander. Family, friends, and colleagues recently gathered at the NSSDC building (26) at the Goddard Space Flight Center to plant a tree in Lance's memory. A memorial plaque was also placed beneath the tree to remember fondly our friend Lance.

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Author:Miranda Beall
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