Fourth ADC CD-ROM Issued

Volume 13, Number 4, December 1997
By Cynthia Cheung

The Astronomical Data Center (ADC) has published the fourth volume of the CD-ROM Selected Astronomical Catalogs, Volume 4 in December 1997. The new CD-ROM contains 55 catalogs, including updated catalogs previously published in Volumes 1, 2, and 3 as well as popular catalogs not on the first three volumes. The ADC solicited recommendations from the international network of astronomical data centers before deciding on the final contents of the CD-ROM. As a result several recently compiled catalogs of great interest to the astronomical community are incorporated. For example, the SKY2000 Master Star Catalog (Myers et al. 1997) contains an extensive compilation of information on almost 300,000 stars brighter than 8.0 mag; and the updated General Catalog of Variable Stars (Kholopov et al. 1995) that includes the Cross-Identification Tables, Extragalactic Variable Stars, and the New Catalog of Suspected Variable Stars.

Only an ASCII version is produced for Volume 4. This is a departure from the previous three volumes. Instead, a Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg (CDS) program (tofits) is provided on the disc to allow users to create Flexible Image Transport System (FITS) table versions of the catalogs. The CD-ROM can be ordered from the NSSDC CD-ROM Catalog on the Web at URL Written requests can be sent to

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