SSDOO Activities at the Fall AGU

Volume 13, Number 4, December 1997
By Ramona Kessel

For the past several American Geophysical Union (AGU) meetings, James Green along with Robert McGuire, Mauricio Peredo, Ramona Kessel, Shing Fung, and others not in the Space Science Data Operations Office (SSDOO) have organized special sessions on Correlative Science. The sessions have focused on the International Solar-Terrestrial Physics (ISTP) and the Inter-Agency Consultative Group (IACG) campaigns, because these projects were originally designed to pursue global science studies using multiple spacecraft and/or ground-based experiments. Response to these sessions has been tremendous. So many papers were submitted that the sessions had to be expanded to four days of the five-day meeting. Attendance at these sessions was correspondingly high. Two invited papers were presented at the Monday sessions by Ramona Kessel, one on behalf of James Green, who was in Moscow attending an IACG meeting.

In addition to these special sessions, there were a number of other papers presented by members of SSDOO with multiple co-authors from within and outside SSDOO. In magnetospheric physics there were three presentations on two different days ranging from Hawkeye high-latitude measurements to trapped electron fluxes to drift shell structure, all given by Shing Fung. In planetary science there were two papers, one on "Irradiation of the Icy Galilean Satellites," given by John Cooper and using Galileo energetic ion data, and one on "Jovian Hectometer Radio Emission," given by Chuck Higgins from Voyager, Ulysses, and WIND radio observations of Jupiter emissions. There was also an educational session with a paper by James Thieman. Jim also presented hands-on activities created by Sten Odenwald in Sun-Earth Connection science for a teacher workshop on Monday. (See article on SSDOO education and outreach activities.) In other educational activities in the session she chaired, Ramona Kessel judged three student papers to be considered for an Outstanding Student Paper award for the fall meeting.

The list of papers presented is given below.


"Survey of Geotail Skimming Earth's Bow Shock, Nov 1996 - Mar 1997," R. L. Kessel, A. Szabo, M. Peredo, S. Chen; INVITED POSTER in the session Correlative Solar-Terrestrial Measurements at Solar Minimum I: Campaign and Solar Wind Posters.

"Summary of Results from the 1st IACG Campaign," J. L. Green, R. L. Kessel, S. F. Fung; INVITED in the oral session Correlative Solar-Terrestrial Measurements at Solar Minimum II: Campaign and Solar Wind Posters.


"Configuration of High-Latitude Boundaries as Observed by the Hawkeye Satellite," T. E. Eastman, S. A. Boardsen, S. F. Fung; POSTER in the Cleft Magnetopause II poster session.


"Variations of Low-Altitude Relativistic Trapped Electron Fluxes with Solar Wind Speeds and Interplanetary Magnetic Field Orientations," L. C. Tan, S. F. Fung; POSTER in the Global Views and Ground-Based Observations II poster session.

"Drift Shell Structure and Variations with Geomagnetic Activity," S. F. Fung, L. C. Tan; POSTER in the Global Views and Ground-Based Observations II poster session.

"Irradiation of Icy Galilean Satellites by Energetic Ions: Calculations Derived from Galileo EPD and HIC Flux Spectra," J. F. Cooper, B. H. Mauk, C. M. Cohen, R. E. Johnson, N. Gehrels; POSTER in the Galilean Satellites I: Europa, Ganymede, Magnetospheres, and Aurora posters.


"Multispacecraft Observations of Jovian Hectometer Radio Emission Features," C. Higgins, J. R. Thieman, J. L. Green, S. F. Fung, R. M. Candey; POSTER in the Planetary Potpourri I poster session.

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