Clementine Raw Images Available from NSSDC

Volume 11, Number 2, June 1995
By David Williams
The full set of Clementine raw images on 89 CD-ROM volumes will be available from NSSDC by July 1995. The first 45 volumes should arrive here by mid-June with the second 44-volume set following two to four weeks later. These disks are arranged by Clementine orbit number with three to five orbits contained per CD. The raw images from all imaging sensors (UV/Visible, Near IR, Long-Wavelength IR, High Resolution, and Star Tracker cameras) will be included for each orbit. Both browse and full resolution images are contained on the CDs. The disks can be read on Macintosh, DOS, and UNIX platforms. Also note that a set of the more "user-friendly" Lunar Digital Image Models (LDIMs), which are processed mosaics of these raw Clementine images, is expected from the Planetary Data System by the end of 1995. This will be a smaller set of CD-ROMs containing mosaicked, lower resolution images of the Moon. The CD-ROM volumes will be $6 each plus a $30 processing fee per request. For information on ordering these CDs, contact the Coordinated Request and User Support Office. (Postal and E-mail addresses and telephone/FAX numbers are available from the Help Desk ( ).) More information on these disks is available on the World Wide Web at URL

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