Major Upgrade to NSS Software Brings DLT Operational

Volume 11, Number 2, June 1995
By Jeanne Behnke and Cathie Meetre
As reported in the March 1995 issue of the NSSDC News, a UNIX-based Digital Linear Tape (DLT) jukebox has been purchased to increase NSSDC mass storage capacity from 1.2 TB to 3.7 TB (or 6.2 TB with data compression). This DLT jukebox has just been brought operational with the upgrade of the NSSDC Storage System (NSS) software, previously DEC/VMS-specific.

The NSS software continues to run in NSSSDC's VMS environment, but it now manages the loading of data to and the retrieval of data from both the 12" WORM optical platters in the VMS segment of the NSSDC Data Archive and Distribution System (NDADS) and DLT tapes in the UNIX segment of NDADS. Whether data are held on one or another of these subsystems will be transparent to NSSDC customers. It is expected that future upgrades to the NSS software will include a port to the UNIX environment as primary host site.

The next NSSDC News will detail the criteria by which NSSDC decides which data go to which of its subsystems and will describe how the mixed VMS and UNIX (and other) customer communities will retrieve data natural to their environments regardless of which system hosts which data.

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