CDF Staff Receive Award as Updates Continue

Volume 11, Number 2, June 1995
By Greg Goucher and Jason Mathews
On May 2, 1995, the Common Data Format (CDF) staff was awarded a NASA Group Achievement Award in recognition for providing outstanding software support for the management, archiving, analysis, and distribution of NASA data. Recipients are Richard Burley, Greg Goucher, Mona Kessel, Jason Mathews, and Robert McGuire of GSFC and Tami Kovalick, Howard Leckner, and Jeffrey Love of Hughes STX.

Continuing Improvements

Continuing improvements include those made to the CDF data access tools used in the World Wide Web (WWW)-based OMNIWeb Data System and to the CDF Home Page. The CDF access tools have been reused and extended to handle multiple CDFs for the NSSDC Coordinated Heliospheric Observations (COHO) data in the COHOWeb Data System. OMNIWeb and COHOWeb provide an interactive interface for data retrieval and visualization that brings the scientific data to the researcher over the Internet. IDL is used in both systems as a graphics engine to generate plots of the selected CDFs. The CDF Home Page ( ) has been updated with a "What's New" page and an introduction to the CDF User's Mailing List. There are plans to convert the CDF User's Guide and References from LaTex into HTML and make it available from the WWW as a context-sensitive document.

Software Improvements

Software-related improvements include the following:

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