NSSDC Participates in Spring AGU Meeting

Volume 11, Number 2, June 1995
By Karinn Hassan
To make potential customers more aware of its data and services, NSSDC participated in the Spring Annual Meeting of the American Geophysical Union in Baltimore, Maryland, on May 30-June 2, 1995. At the NSSDC booth staff demonstrated many network-accessible systems over the Internet. Particularly popular were the recently developed WWW-accessible OMNIWeb and COHOWeb systems providing access to near-Earth and deep-space solar wind field and plasma data.

In addition, NSSDC demonstrated and sold copies of its space physics CD-ROMs and the education-oriented "Welcome to the Planets" CD-ROM (created by the Planetary Data System). A total of 127 CD-ROMs were purchased by 68 booth visitors. In all, about 150 visitors stopped at the booth to talk to NSSDC staffers and learn more about NSSDC. Most of these visitors left with a copy of the new A Guide to the Data and Services of the NSSDC.

Karinn Hassan, David Williams, and Syed Towheed demonstrate WWW access to the NSSDC for visitors at the center's booth at the AGU.

Support by NSSDC and its parent Space Science Data Operations Office for the country's K-12 education endeavor was highlighted in an oral presentation by Dr. James Green and Dr. Joseph King and in a poster paper by Valerie Thomas.

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Author:Miranda Beall
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