SSDOO and Local Science Center Unveil Educational Partnership Home Page at the Spring AGU Meeting

Volume 11, Number 2, June 1995
By Valerie L. Thomas
The Space Science Data Operations Office (SSDOO) and the Howard B. Owens Science Center (HBOSC), located within a mile of Goddard, are working together to integrate space science data, information, and technology with the Owens Science Center's innovative hands-on K-12 science program and to create a virtual Science Center that will reach students who are not in the local area. At the spring AGU meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, on June 1, 1995, Valerie L. Thomas (SSDOO) and Greta Lee (HBOSC) presented a poster and demonstrated a poster home page (URL: ) on the partnership. This home page points to the newly created HBOSC Home Page (URL: ) that was also developed for the poster session.

This demonstration project has really excited the staff at the Owens Science Center, which is visited by approximately 90,000 students and 3,000 teachers annually. The center now has World Wide Web access. A workshop has been scheduled before school adjourns for the summer for staff to learn how to develop home pages, and staff plan to work on their home pages during the summer vacation.

With the current momentum at HBOSC, the virtual Science Center may become a reality when school starts again in September 1995. Without the hard work of the following people, the poster and these home pages would not have been possible:

     Jim Gass (Hughes STX)
     Nathan James (NSSDC)
     Rob Kilgore (McDonnell Douglas)
     Greta Lee (HBOSC)
     Charlie Toth (HBOSC)
     Russell Waugh (HBOSC)

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