NSSDC Creates WWW Page for SPDS

Volume 12, Number 2, June 1996
By Andre Schneickert and James Thieman

The NASA Space Physics Data System (SPDS) is characterized by four discipline areas: solar; cosmic and heliospheric (C&H); magnetospheric; and ionospheric, thermospheric, and mesospheric (ITM). The SPDS is highly WWW-oriented, with a top level home page at http://spds.nasa.gov/spds.html.

Several months ago, Geoff Reeves of Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) and Dave Winningham of Southwest Research Institute (SWRI) created WWW pages for the magnetospheric and ITM disciplines, respectively. These pages are accessible from the top level SPDS page cited above.

Consistent with its history of developing value-added C&H data products and network access to those and other data products, NSSDC has just created in partnership with Robert McGuire of Goddard's Space Physics Data Facility a preliminary WWW page for the C&H discipline. Chief architect of this WWW page is Andre Schneickert, a computer science student on a six-month practical semester for a fachhochschule in Mannheim, Germany.

The functionality of the C&H page includes identification of and links to 70 sites holding spacecraft-based and laboratory-based C&H-relevant data worldwide; the ability to search and sort this list by discipline, by data source (e.g., named spacecraft), and by institution; references to selected overview discussions of C&H subdisciplines; and a template for additional C&H relevant sites to use in identifying themselves on this C&H page, a bulletin board for the latest C&H news, and other capabilities.

Mr. Schneickert is supported by a stipend from the Carl Duisberg Society in Cologne, Germany. He expects to graduate with the equivalent of an M.S. in computer science in September 1997.

Andre Schneickert constructed the preliminary WWW page for the C&H discipline.

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