NSSDC Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Volume 13, Number 2, June 1997
By Joseph King

A celebration of NSSDC's thirtieth anniversary was held at the Goddard Space Flight Center's Recreation Center on Saturday May 17, 1997. A happy throng of 160 NSSDC staffers, alumni/ae, and friends gathered to renew acquaintanceships and to enjoy a prime rib dinner.

NSSDC staff and alumni/ae listen to the after-dinner speakers.

Comments were offered during a brief post-dinner program by NSSDC's past and present directors, James Vette, James Green, and Joseph King; by George Pieper who hired James Vette to run the nascent NSSDC; by Henry Brinton who brought greetings from NASA/HQ; and by Richard Bishop, who represented Hughes STX (his employer) and previous NSSDC support contractors.

George Pieper gives a brief talk after dinner.

Several alumni "came home" after having left NSSDC for other work opportunities over two decades ago. Several came from out of state. In anticipation of the event, Hughes STX prepared three large plaques commemorating each of NSSDC's three decades of service to the community; these now grace NSSDC's entry foyer. The efforts of Patricia Ross, George Abid, and several other NSSDC staffers, plus Barney and his Recreation Center team, produced a highly memorable evening enjoyed by all.

Joseph King draws door prizes as Patricia Ross holds the hat of tickets.

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