Goddard Community Day a Big Success!

Volume 13, Number 2, June 1997
By Nathan James

To share with the public the excitement of the space program and its part in it, Goddard Space Flight Center hosted a Community Day on April 27, 1997. Over 1,000 people converged on the Goddard Visitor Center grounds for a day of out-of-this-world events, including tours, space suit demonstrations, videos, and model rocket launches.

Jennifer Ash-Poole (left) volunteers her skills at Goddard Community Day.

As part of its own outreach, NSSDC participated in this Community Day with a booth showcasing space science on the World Wide Web and selected NSSDC CD-ROMs and other products of special interest to the general public. The most popular WWW sites were the NSSDC Photo Gallery, the NSSDC Planetary Image Catalog, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) Movie Theater, and the Hubble Space Telescope pictures. The most popular CD-ROMs displayed on NSSDC's CD-ROM Browse facility were NSSDC's Planetary Images CD-ROM and the Welcome to the Planets CD-ROM originally created by NASA's Planetary Data System. NSSDC staffers handled tons of questions during the WWW tour and the CD-ROM demonstrations.

Visitors were encouraged to take some of their favorite pictures home by way of CD-ROMs or posters. There was some interest in buying the CDs, but few could turn away from the beautiful, high-gloss Milky Way and the spacecraft Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration (IMAGE) posters. (IMAGE is a new NASA mission for imaging the magnetosphere.) By the end of the day, nearly two dozen CDs were sold, and just over 900 Milky Way and IMAGE posters had been given away.

James Thieman (center) joins in Goddard Community Day.

Many NSSDC staffers supported NSSDC's presence at Goddard Community Day: Jennifer Ash-Poole, Allen Chen, Russ Dunlap, James Gass, Kent Hills, Nathan James, Barbara Pope, Nancy Roman, William Taylor, and James Thieman. In addition, Ronald Lepping of Goddard's Laboratory for Extraterrestrial Laboratory took a turn staffing the NSSDC booth.

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