NSSDC's Request Support Office Changes

Volume 14, Number 2, June 1998
by Joseph King

For a number of years, NSSDC's Coordinated Request and User Support Office (CRUSO) was stably and ably staffed by Barbara Pope, Melissa Larkin, and Jennifer Ash-Poole. In recent months Melissa and Jennifer have both moved on to other challenges. Jennifer, in particular, has transitioned to become a system administrator for the UNIX component of NSSDC's computer environment. Jennifer's work in maintaining and improving the CD-ROM catalog, pursued part-time while a staff memeber of CRUSO, has been taken over by Kelly Gygax.

Joining Barbara Pope in the Request Support Office is Marie Dowling, who has years of experience with NSSDC's group that actually does the work to satisfy requests by retrieving CD-ROMs, replicating data volumes as needed, etc. Marie was particularly active in satisfying requests for photographs.

Another near-term change planned for this group is a move from Goddard's Building 26, where NSSDC has been headquartered since its inception, to Building 28 where NSSDC's archive and all its data operations staff are located. This move will increase request handling efficiency by bringing together staff responsible for customer interactions and staff responsible for satisfying requests.

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