NSSDC Personnel Win RSTX Peer Awards

Volume 14, Number 2, June 1998
by Miranda Beall

NSSDC's support contractor, Raytheon STX (RSTX), held its Washington area Annual Business Meeting on April 28, 1998, to recognize for 1997 its employees working at NSSDC and on other projects with peer and other awards. The buffet lunch was followed by a welcome from Richard Bishop, RSTX's new president, and a keynote speech by Ashok Kaveeshwar, RSTX's former president and current president of the Scientific and Technical Services Division of Raytheon Systems Company. Peer awards followed.

RSTX recognized its NSSDC employees for ten- and 20-year anniversaries, customer recognition, outstanding performance, commendations, education and outreach participation, publications and presentations, and team achievement awards as well as peer awards.

Peer awards went to David Strope for his VMS Systems work and Margaret Russell for her work with the Astrophysics Data Facility's Advanced Satellite for cosmology and Astrophysics (ASCA) and X-Ray Timing Explorer (XTE) data processing groups. The following NSSDC RSTX employees won other awards:

Anniversary Awards

Barry Schlesinger	 	      20-year anniversary
Richard Baldwin		 	      ten-year anniversary


Dr. Emily Greene, Karen Horrocks,
Tami Kovalick, Sardi Parthasarathy,
Dr. Mauricio Peredo 		      Customer recognition: ISTP/GGS
				      Coordinated Analysis Team

James Gass			      Commendation from Daniel Goldin,
				      NASA's administrator

Dr. Mauricio Peredo		      ISTP Project Outstanding
				      Performance Award

Jennifer Ash-Poole, Dr. Edwin Bell,
Dr. David Williams, Vivek Dwivedi,
Jay Friedlander, Christine 
Cain-Shaffer	 		      SIGCAT Foundation Significant
				      Achievement Recognition Award

Jennifer Ash-Poole, Dr. Kirk Borne, 
CarrieGallap, James Gass, Louis Mayo, 
Carolyn Ng, Dr. Sten Odenwald, 
Dr. Mauricio Peredo, Dr. William 
Taylor, Julie Weaver, Dr. David 
Williams			      Education Outreach participants
				      Team Achievement Awards

Ella Munoz-Gonzalez, Dr. Robert
Patterer, Dr. Edward Pier	      ASCA

Team Achievement Awards Nominees

Richard Baldwin, Carrie
Gallap, Tami Kovalick		      CDAWeb

Dr. Edwin Bell, Harold Felder,
Kelly Gygax, Christine
Cain-Schaffer			      Information Systems Migration

Dr. Emily Greene, Karen 
Horrocks			      Mars Global Surveyor

Richard Baldwin, Carrie Gallap,
Tami Kovalick			      Space Physics Software Development

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