Franz Hoyer Interns at NSSDC from Germany

Volume 14, Number 2, June 1998
by James Thieman

NSSDC is currently hosting its second German computer science student in two years. Franz Hoyer arrived at NSSDC in April 1998 for a six-month practical internship as a part of his computer science studies at the Technical University in Rosenheim, Germany. As with Andre Schneickert before him, Franz receives partial support for his work by the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft, which has offices in Germany and New York.

Franz's major interests are in the areas of C/C++ and Java programming Web development and system administration. He had already gotten some practical experience since he had worked as a system administrator of a local area network of Novell and Microsoft NT servers for a German company for six years. He had also done a previous practical semester in Germany doing Web programming. The Internet is his major focus of study.

Currently, Franz is working on an interface to a new data base of the NSSDC photographic holdings. This work involves designing the interface to interact with the photographic inventory data base currently being developed in Oracle and then implementing it in Java. It is intended that every image that NSSDC holds will be identified by a record in this data base, although various sets of images will have more detailed characterizations than others. It will take some time to generate this detailed data base, but this data base will be the most useful form for users. The data base will make it possible to search for images by target (Jupiter, Moon, nebula, etc.), date and time of the image, filter used, etc., as well as image identification number. The first interface developed will be for the use of the NSSDC staff, but this version can be modified for use by the general public.

Franz is one of 100 German students with a study-abroad scholarship. He expects not only to gain valuable work experience but also to improve his knowledge of American culture and customs. Franz is not a stranger to things American since he plays American-style football in a semi-professional league in Germany as a quarterback for the Rosenheim Rebels. Franz hopes to work in the aerospace industry upon graduation in the summer of 1999.

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