NSSDC Annual Report for 1997 Now Available

Volume 14, Number 2, June 1998
by Joseph King

NSSDC has issued a series of annual reports over most of its history. The style and the details of the content have changed gradually with time, but the key objective of each report is to characterize the volume and heterogeneity of the data and related information inflows to and outflows from NSSDC during the year. The state of the archive at the end of the year is also characterized.

Some of the key numbers of the annual report for 1997 are as follows:

  1. 2.1 TB of data newly arrived at NSSDC.
  2. 2,429 data volumes arrived, dominated by International Solar-Terrestrial Space Physic (ISTP) CD recordable (CD-R) disks.
  3. 458,000 data files downloaded from NASA Data Archive and Distribution Systme (NDADS).
  4. 184,000 data files (non-NDADS) downloaded from ANON areas.
  5. 45,000 plots created in CDAWeb, OMNIWeb, COHOWeb; 13,000 files created and downloaded (75% CDAWeb).
  6. 3,200 off-line requests handled; 6,220 CD-ROMs and 2,383 photo products mailed.
  7. 4,560 data sets from 383 spacecraft managed; 2.4 TB of total 13.2 TB network-accessible.

The 1997 Annual Report is WWW-accessible by clicking here.

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