NSSDC Retires Its VAX 9410

Volume 14, Number 2, June 1998
by Joseph King

NSSDC's workhorse computer for nearly eight years, the VAX/9410 known as NSSDCA to staff and external users, has now been retired. Originally purchased to do double duty as a VMS gateway to the supercomputers of the Space Data and Computing Division (of which NSSDC was then a part) and as an NSSDC computer, it became solely an NSSDC computer within a year of its arrival. It was DEC's high-end VAX at the time (40 VUPS, 125 MFLOPS, 256 MB memory, 2.4 GB disk), yet its specs only match high-end PCs of today. It is survived in the NSSDC/SSDOO computer environment by a couple of smaller VAXes and several DEC Alpha, Sun, and SGI workstations.

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