Sun-Earth Connects to Education and Outreach

Volume 16, Number 1, March 2000

By James Thieman

On February 3-4, 2000, the Sun-Earth Connection Education Forum (SECEF) arranged a meeting among major groups working to enhance Education and Public Outreach (EPO) in the Sun-Earth Connection (SEC) science theme. SEC mission scientists and EPO coordinators met with "broker/facilitators" from the NASA Office of Space Science Education program as well as with many representatives of the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) Education Office. The broker/facilitators are members of five groups scattered across the United States with the responsibility to promote and facilitate NASA's space science education endeavors within their region of the U.S. The GSFC education office group included a large number of the Aerospace Education Specialists (AESP), each assigned two states in which they promote NASA education for all of NASA's enterprises. Most of the GSFC SECEF staff were present as well. In all, 57 people attended the meeting.

Twenty-three mission scientists and EPO leads from 14 SEC missions were gathered for the meeting, making it the largest education meeting ever of this type. They presented the latest science results for their missions and/or plans for the future. There were many discussions regarding how the groups relate to each other and how they can best work together. The meeting was clearly a success: first, in getting to know one another, and, second, in acquainting many people with the breadth of ongoing activities in SEC EPO and with the resources available within NASA's education infrastructure.

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Author:Miranda Beall
Curator:Lori Persichitti
Responsible Official: Dr. Joseph H. King, Code 633
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