Space Physics Data System (SPDS) Meeting at UCLA

Volume 11, Number 1, March 1995
By Bob McGuire
A meeting of the SPDS Coordination Working Group (CWG) was hosted by Project Scientist, Dr. Robert McPherron, from February 6-8, 1995, at UCLA. This was the third meeting of this group since the SPDS Rice Workshop in June 1993 and naming of CWG members in late 1993. Although operating with very limited funding, there is a growing collection of data and services under the umbrella of SPDS. Key topics discussed at the meeting include: The next meeting of the SPDS CWG is tentatively planned for early October 1995. Access to SPDS services and data may be gained from the SPDS home page on World Wide Web (current URL or via a no-password guest account (name SPDS) to both character and X-windows based users (connect via NSI/DECnet "set host nssdca" or via Internet "telnet These pages include a complete list of all SPDS team members with addresses, telephone and E-mail contact information.

Key individuals in this effort are R.E. McGuire, SPDS Project Coordinator, NASA/GSFC; R.L. McPherron, SPDS Project Scientist, IGPP/UCLA; and J.B. Willett, NASA/Space Physics Division MO&DA Coordinator, USRA.

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