New High Resolution Martian Data Available: NSSDC Seeks Interest Level

Volume 14, Number 1, March 1998
By David Williams

The Astrogeology Branch of the United States Geological Survey and the Planetary Data System (PDS) have created a new set of Mars high-resolution image mosaics. The new mosaics have a resolution of 1,024 pixels/degree, or about 58 meters/pixel. This is four times better than the 264 pixels/degree resolution of the Mars Mosaicked Digital Image Model (MDIM) set. The new mosaics are also created from Viking images and cover selected areas of the planet's surface (about 8%), unlike the MDIMs that had complete coverage of Mars. The mosaics are in PDS digital format on eight CDs but have not been mastered into CD-ROMs.

A portion of a chasm above Vallis Marinaris from the original Viking MDIMs. The new MDIMs will have four times the resolution of this picture.

NSSDC is attempting to determine if enough interest exists in these mosaics to justify mastering and creating an eight-volume CD-ROM set that would be sold at the price of $80.00 per volume. If a CD-ROM set is not created, the volumes will be available only as CD-Rs that can be produced upon request for $56.00 per volume. NSSDC encourages anyone interested in purchasing these high-resolution mosaics as CD-ROMs to let the center know by sending an E-mail message to stating the planned number of volumes that would be purchased. (No obligation is implied.) If enough interest is shown, NSSDC will produce the CD-ROM version of the eight-volume set.

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