Introducing the SSDOO Visualization Lab

Volume 15, Number 1, March-June 1999

By Ramona Kessel

Two of the stated goals of NASA's Office of Space Science with regard to education and public outreach are to "use our missions and research programs and the talents of the space science community to contribute measurably to the general elevation of scientific and technical understanding throughout the country" and to "share the excitement of discoveries and knowledge generated by Space Science missions and research programs by communicating clearly with the public." Perhaps the best, if not only, way to convey the qualities and dynamics of complex space science phenomena to the non-scientist is to translate scientific observations into pictures and animations.

Within Goddard's Space Science Directorate, the Space Science Data Operations Office (SSDOO) is evolving a dedicated center of visualization expertise and capabilities to develop and produce 2D and 3D animations and to produce videos and quicktime movies. This group works closely with members of the Space Science Directorate and with key members of the space science community, NASA Headquarters, and GSFC Public Affairs office to produce finished products for the media, the education community, and the general public.

In addition to these new activities, the SSDOO Visualization Lab has proven expertise and currently supports other activities including the following:

Original illustrations. Poster preparation. Proposal and journal figures. Science nuggets. Photography and maintenance of a photo archive. CD-ROM preparation. Award certificates and plaques. Scanning.

There is a new, high-quality poster printer in this lab that is being used to make posters for scientific meetings, GSFC events such as "Take Our Daughters to Work Day," project or program advertisement, etc. The figure included here is a montage of recent posters. (There is a small cost-recovery charge for the Visualization Lab services.) Send queries on the SSDOO Visualization Lab to or visit NASA GSFC Building 26, Room 113.

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