German Student Learns About Work at NSSDC

Volume 15, Number 1, March-June 1999

By Dieter Bilitza

During their latter high school years young people are faced with important decisions concerning their future occupations and the career tracks they should pursue. The German School of Washington in Potomac, Maryland, has instituted a week-long "Shadowing Program" to help its students with this difficult decision process. During one week each student works with a mentor at a workplace of his or her choosing to gain some insights and experience in the real work environment. Kai Ole Myrdahl (eleventh grade) spent his week at Goddard/NSSDC under the mentorship of Dr. Dieter Bilitza. He learned about the activities involved in archiving space physics data and models and making them available on line on the Internet; he also learned how these data are then used by the space scientists for improving the forecast of space weather.

Of specific interest for Kai was the JOVE project (see article on page xx), an educational project that lets schools participate in the scientific monitoring of radio signals from Jupiter and from the Sun. Kai received a comprehensive introduction to the JOVE project and the activities involved, and he helped the JOVE scientists with setting up and testing the experimental JOVE antenna. Carrying his experience and excitement back to school, he convinced his teachers and co-students to make the German School of Washington one of the schools to participate in the JOVE project.

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