NSSDC's FAQ Pages Benefit Customers and NSSDC

Volume 15, Number 1, March-June 1999

By David Williams

Through its various Web pages NSSDC receives numerous questions and suggestions from educators and the general public. Often the questions or suggestions lead to the addition of information to the already existing pages (such as new questions and answers on the Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ pages) or the creation of new pages covering a particular topic (such as the pages on the "Blue Moon" and the planetary alignment of May 5, 2000).

These new answers and pages not only help serve educators and the general public by providing details on frequently requested information but also save the NSSDC staff time by giving them a simple URL to send out in response to questions as opposed to answering similar questions multiple times. In fact, once the information is up on the Web, the number of questions about the given topic drops noticeably, implying that people are finding this information rather than having to ask NSSDC.

URLs for NSSDC's Blue Moon, Planetary Alignment, and FAQ pages are as follows:




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